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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Review: Hada Labo Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Cream

Blogger has really been driving me crazy lately.. I wanted to get this post up last night but it was impossible to load the new post page on Mozilla and Chrome browser. And now I resort to using my oldie but goodie ancient Internet Explorer. Yay! Now I know who to turn to when all else fail.

Anyway enough of  my lamenting!

For almost half a month now, I have been using the Hada Labo Intense Hydration Moisturizing Cream and can say that I am confident to give a proper review / report of the product.

So this is written on the packaging of the product.

"The Hada Labo moisturizing cream is said to be able to replenishes essential moisture which improve skin texture and prevent dryness so that skin stays soft, hydrated and supple. The magical element in this product is the Super Hyaluronic Acid which have twice the moisture rentention capacity of Hyaluronic Acid."
(Btw I paraphrase it so it's not exactly the same phrase from the packaging)

Amazing right?

What I like:
- Hydrates my skin
-My skin feels soft and smooth after application
-No irritation and break outs
-Fragrance, Harsh alcohol and colorant free

What I dislike:
-The texture is thick
-Takes longer time for my skin to fully absorb
-No other effects besides hydrating
-Traces of paraben among the ingredients

How I apply:
-Apply on cleased face after toner/moisturizing lotion and essence/serum
-Use a tiny amount so that skin absorbs faster
-Use day & night

Personally, I like the hydrating effect but I dislike that the product doesn't have any further effects like brightening, firming etc. Hence, I think it is essential to couple this product with essence / serum to complete my facial regime. However, I do think that this is a value for money product. You can find them at Watson's/Guardian at RM50 ++ (Can't remember exact price) which comes in 50g.

My Overall Rating:

You can read my review on Hada Labo Facial Wash here too!
Happy Wednesday!



  1. Babe, am using this ocassionally, have the same opinion like yours! Haha a cheap moisturizer.. that do good on moisturizing the face :)

  2. I used to love this product a lot. But I finished this cream already and now I switch into using the new AquaLabel. It's awesome!! Have you checked it out?


  3. Jess-'s really a value for money product. Think it will be a good product especially for teenagers and those in early 20's.

    Cynthia- I haven't check that out yet. Been lusting to get it since I saw it at watsons. LOL...think i gotta finish this first before trying that out. =)


  4. nice review! i've been wanting to try out the whole whitening range but i still have a lot of skincare stuff to finish :( oh, the aqualabel sounds like a good product too~ i've already included it on my 'try' list :D

  5. great review! i really want to try asian products but i have no idea where to buy them where i live :(

  6. Interesting post, thx for the review 8)

  7. Locke- Haha...I've been wanting to try out aqualabel as well. Gotta agree with u...the products that needed to be tried out are just soooo many..

    Donna- I'm glad tht u like it....Awww...I hope they'll be available in the country u stay soon... U can try ebay though.. =D

    Dizzy- Glad tht u enjoyed reading it! Thanks for dropping by =D



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