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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dupe Alert: MAC Well Dressed and ELF Shy

Hi my lovelies, how is ur day going? I finally decided to do some swatching of some blushes that I have mainly to check whether is any similar to the NARS sex appeal which I'm planning to get. 

After some swatching, I realised that the NARS sex appeal looks abit like peachy keen from ELF. 
I'm still contemplating whether to get it or not.

From left: MAC Well Dressed, ELF Shy 

From Left: MAC Bite of an Apple, ELF Peachy Keen, ELF blush and bronzer duo, ELF Shy, MAC Well Dressed
From Left: ELF Duo, ELF Shy, MAC Well Dressed

Noticed how similar ELF's Shy and MAC's Well Dressed is to each other at first glance in their respective packaging? when I really swatched it and look really closely, there is a slight difference in color and texture. ELF has a more chalky finish and less pigmented while MAC is more pigmented. But still one retails at $18.50 and the other one at $1.00!!

I think I won't return it after all just cos the ELF one is so small and before I know it I'll already be done with it. Will just keep Well Dressed as a backup since now I'm really too lazy to go out to the mall and going into the MAC store will only make me wanna buy more things.

Also, I just wanna give a shout out to this lovely beauty blogger Jess from Jessying. She's such a sweet person and if you haven't check out her blog, u really should..she's got so many interesting post about make up and skincare which I love reading! =)

Have a great Tuesday!



  1. babe, u are just being too kind! U are one lovely soul..

    indeed the mac well dressed and ELF shy both looks almost similar .. but big differences in price right! And both got such a weird name :P

    I like ELF Duo!

  2. Jess- Np babe! U've been such a sweet person...Yea..the price is such huge difference, one is RM75 and the other one is like RM4...haha...but well looking at the better texture and pack's still worth i guess...i'm gonna catogorized that as my guilty splurges. =P


  3. ELF cosmetics tend to be chalky. But considering the price it's understandable. Good dupe though. I guess if you're wearing either people cant tell the difference. :)

  4. i actually ordered elf shy yesterday from the elf website :D
    i can't wait for my package ^-^

  5. Thanks so much for the great swatches. Love your profile pic btw!

  6. Yup they look almost the same. Too bad I don't have access to Elf here


  7. gosh, I never expect ELF have something similar color as MAC

    good job =D!

  8. Yen- It's very little difference when u apply it on the face...haha...but i'll jus keep the mac one as a back up for now

    Nikka- I love ELF too...they are soo cheap! :)

    MSodapop- Can't wait to read ur haul post.. :)

    Penelope- Thanks dear! U're soooo sweet..

    Cynthia- They don't have it here as well..I had to order them's just sad... :(

    Pixie- I never expected it too till I look through the colors..haha... :)



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