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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Review: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

Remember not too long ago, I did a lil' retail therapy at MAC? One of the item which I bought was the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (MSFN). This is an item which I have been wanting to try for the longest time after reading Tiffany's beauty blog which she uses this product in many of her FOTD posts. I love how glowy and healthy her skin always looks in those posts.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Swatches
Anyway I have tried this product for abt 2 weeks now and I am pleasantly impressed by it to the point tht I am introducing it to frens and family ard me. I will do a FOTD with this product in another post. So for now I'll just list down the pros and cons. 

What I like:
-The texture (Soft, fine & smooth)
-Glowy finish
-Doesn't look cakey on my face
-Doesn't accentuate my pores
-Pretty long lasting (Abt 6 -7 hours)
-Sets my MAC Studio Fix foundation & BB cream perfectly
-Fragrance free
-Doesn't clog my pores

What I dislike:
-It does get oily after about 4-5 hours
-Slightly messy (the powder stains the side of the packaging)
-No mirror

Bottom Line?
Worth Purchasing

For now this the basic conclusion that I came to after 2 weeks of using it religiously everyday when I have make up on. The happiest note was that I did not break out from it. YAY! =)

I apply this using my ELF kabuki brush. I suggest using it lightly because a little product really goes a long way.

Another thing which I must mention is I had a really pleasant time at the MAC store in One Utama. The make up artist was really friendly and helped me alot with the products (since I'm still rookie to MAC products). My experience with the Sunway Pyramid outlet was totally horrendous and I will never visit tht store ever again given a choice.

P/S: Sorry for the photo quality. I don't have a camera at the moment and I think u gals would have to bear with me for now until I get one of my own. 



  1. I am also a rookie to the MAC makeupline. I have read blogs where others have had bad experiences at the MAC counter, but luckily, i havent ^_^

    I also bought this a few weeks ago and i love it. not on its own but on top of my foundation...and i didnt breakout eother, Yayuh!

  2. wow I have to look into this love glowie skin !!! thanks for stopping by my page

  3. I got mine!! But it was broken into pieces because I dropped it on the floor long time ago. So is kinda messy now...


  4. I can't wait to see your FOTD with it!

    Their Mineralize collection can be messy. Their eyeshadows too have the same effect.

    Shopping @ MAC is like the best experience ever. It's heaven!

  5. DAMMIT! I wanna get this one sooo bad! Thanks for the review : D Now I'm only MOST certain that I'm getting it!

  6. i want to try this :)

    xo Christine

  7. Aranza- I love it as setting powder like u do..Haha..and really big 'YAY' for no break outs. =)

    Curves ahead- Np babe! U should check it out. But I heard alot of ppl have problems with the face make up by MAC so u shuld prolly take note of that when buying.. =)

    Cynthia- I totally can imagine how it will look like if it ever breaks on me. I mean it's already pretty messy now esp that the packaging is all black. =P

    Mara- Hopefully I'll be doing that post today! =)

    나니- Haha..I'm glad that u like the review gal! =) Hope u will like the product as much as I do after trying it out.

    Christine- =D


  8. i have this one and i looveeee it!! not to made up for my skin!

  9. We dont have NARS here in Norway, i bought the lipstick on ebay :)
    You should try and look on ebay, they have a lot :)

  10. oh, i want to try this out too~ i've heard a lot of raves about it :) does it fit any skin tone? btw, about your question where to get the products, i purchased the acne dote line from healthy options.i'm not sure if they sell them online, but i found a local website: also found out that walmart is selling 4 items from the acne dote line, here's the link:

    and i bought the Mamonde whitening Ex line from an online seller based here.if you're interested, email me at barhans1[at]gmail[dot]com :) thanks! :D

  11. Rinz- Me too! I am in love with it now.

    Christine- Thanks for the info babe!=D

    Locke- It comes in various shade but I think urs shuld be light. Haha...Thanks for dropping by and sharing the info! =D


  12. I've been wanting to get the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural.
    Great review 8)

  13. Locke- =D

    Dizzy- I hope u'll enjoy it as much as I do when u get it.. =D


  14. I've also just recently purchased a MSFN, and I've gotta say I love it! :D

  15. gosh I love this product so much. I've gone thru 3 of these already, and becuase I am soooo broke Im going back to my maybelline powder lol!!

  16. Kristy- Yea..the product can be on the pricier side? Is the maybelline powder as good as the MAC MSF? Prolly I need to give it a try as well to save some money. =D



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