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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Review: My Beauty Diary Masks

I've been using the masks religiously for the past few days and guess what?

My Beauty Diary Masks

I wish that they would be fantastic for me but the bad news is I'm getting small red bumps on my right cheeks. ARGHHHHH..... 

Anyway here's what I think about the mask..

1. Apple Polyphenol Mask (Hydrating, Tightening, Pore Minimizing)
I dislike the smell of this mask. It kinda reminds me of apple cider. But I liked how it felt on my face when I first put it on. It was very refreshing (since I took it out from the fridge and it was cold). After I took it off, I noticed that my pores did sorta minimize a little. Sad part was this actually cause little red bumps on my face. I feel so frustrated. =(
Rating: 3/5

2. Bulgarian White Rose Mask ( Whitening)
This was the mask that I was most excited about. It is said to have whitening/brightening effects which is something I badly need right now. The smell of the mask was okay. Again, I liked how refreshing all these masks are. However, for this particular mask, I did not see any brightening effects as it claimed. Utterly disappointing! Oh, this mask also added those red bumps on my face. I shouldn't continue testing out the mask after the initial one broke me out....I know...I'm very brave right? So brave that i feel like smacking myself... Haha..
Rating: 2/5

3. Q10 Rejuvenating Mask (Brightening, Tightening)
Out of 3 masks that I've tested, this is the one I liked the MOST! The smell was good and I liked the after effect of the mask. This mask really did soften and brighten up my face. It also did sorta minimize my pores! I think I will repurchase this just to test out to see whether it'll break me out again. It will be such a shame to only give one chance to such a good mask.
Rating: 3.5/5

If not for the fact that the masks broke me out, I would definitely rate them higher. This is so darn sad! If you wanna know how the packaging looks like, check this post

My cheeks =(
Noticed those little red bumps?

Anyway I have picked out few items that I really like from ELF, will be doing a "10 things worth buying from ELF" post soon. Here's a sneak peak... =)

I'm going out for lunch soon! Have u're having an awesome weekend!



  1. I think new skincare products can easily make people break out...I feel sorry it doesn't work for you:( but my skin is not that sensitive and I am totally fine with this mask ._.

  2. yeah,you're so brave!! i admire you^^ aww :( i have high expectations with those masks.anyways,thanks for sharing your's really helpful.oh, i look forward to your 10 things worth buying from elf post^^ have a great day! xoxo

  3. aw, i'm sorry to hear that they broke you out! :(

    p.s. i am excited for your future elf post!

    <3, Mimi

  4. oh noo...thats not good....i guess its good that you quickly stopped before it get worse...

  5. I'm a big fan of facial masks, but I haven't tried the beauty diary masks. I hope your skin gets better. Btw I can't wait for your post about the 10 items from ELF.

  6. I came to your page as suggested by Death By Dizziness. Congratulations on your Happy Sunshine Award.Love your blog. Hope we'll become fashionable friends. And follow each other. And please check and enter my Fendi Giveaway on the following link

  7. Yikes! Sorry you broke out. Some products are just not meant for certain skin types. Nice Elf goodies though. Makeup always makes me happy :O)

  8. Daphne - I'm so glad that the mask works for you. I'm gonna give it another try after my breakout heals to see whether others will break me out as well. =)

    Locke - Thanks for dropping by. Tht post will be coming up really soon. Hope ur day's going great too!

    Mimi - I'm so sad that the mask din work out for me. Anyway will be doing the post real soon. =)

    Cydia - Yea..thank goodness i stopped. But i think i might start trying again after a week or so just to make sure and update u guys on the other types. =)

    Mara - This is my first time trying those masks too. Yea..really hope they get well soon! Thanks for dropping by!

    Dolls Factory - Thanks for dropping by! Will be checking out ur blog soon! =)

    Girlie Blog - It's really such a shame about the mask! Wish it had worked better for me. Make up makes me happy too! Haha..I'm addicted to them.

    Thanks ladies for the comments! Hope all of you are having an AWESOME DAY!


  9. oooh no !! =( i really wanted to try these !! do you have oily/dry skin?

  10. Siwing - I got combination type skin. My skin have been throwing tantrum on me recently. I'll give the mask a try again in another week or so when my current break out is completely healed. Will update in my blog soon. =)


  11. Sorry to hear about your break outs but maybe you don't have to be too worry about it! Cuz sometimes you break out cuz of all the deep dirt that was underneath you skin are trying to come out. so that is why you break up. Just stop the mask for now and I'm sure you will be okie ones the break out wears out!
    hope your skin gets better :(

  12. Yups..stopped using them for a few days now. But i'm actually planning to try them out again once my break out heals..haha..

    Thanks for being soooo sweet...


  13. oh no :(! I'm so sorry u broke out :( I know what it feels like to be so excited about something only to be disappointed...(stupid hope in a jar). I actually liked the apple poly mask though I do think it's "not gentle." I agree with the CoQ10 mask tho - that one irritated my face, I didn't break out but I got red :\

    tbh the best mask I've tried so far is the Skinfood Vita-a gel mask and silk whitia soy milk mask. Both are for sensitive skin so maybe that's why....we may both have really sensitive skin :(


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