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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Review: Dove Therapy Treatment Mask

So sad, I'm done with this tub

I finished using my Dove Therapy treatment hair mask 2 weeks ago. And my hair was feeling rather dry and brittle without any hair mask. So I went out to the stores to get more of the same mask. And guess what I found?

It was a value buy at RM 9.88 each! Boy am i glad

Dove Intense Damage Therapy Treatment Mask
I am in love with this particular mask! 

The Dove treatment mask was on a promotional price at Guardian (my local drugstore). Without thinking much I quickly grab 2 tubs of them. I tried the Intense Damage Therapy (the blue tub) prior before this and I was really glad with the results. Before this I always experience very dry hair whenever I tried using any Dove shampoo. But this is not the case with this treatment mask. I love how it gives my hair the extra moisture it needs. My hair also feel softer and less frizzy right after I apply the mask. I would say that the smell of this hair mask is rather decent. I definitely recommend u guys to try out the Dove Intense Damage therapy treatment mask. 

Dove Hair Fall Therapy Treatment Mask

Now, I would have bought 2 tubs of the Intense Damage Therapy since the result was so good with my hair. But as usual, I was adventurous and wanted to give another range a go just to see how it will turn out. Also, I kinda feel that as I turn older, I tend to experience more hair loss as compared to before. Partly is due to the stress and also the inconsistent diet that I have. 

Well, I've been using this Hair Fall Therapy mask for about a week now and I am totally DISAPPOINTED with it. It is no where compared to the Intense Damage Therapy. Though it did tamed my hair slightly, but I did not observe any results with the preventing Hair Fall effect that it claims. It also did not give my hair the moisture and softness as I expected. The smell is the same as all other Dove products (I noticed all Dove products smell the same, which I'm not a big fan of, but still it's bearable). Overall, I think this is bad. I wish I have bought 2 Intense Damage Therapy instead of this. 

What is your favorite hair treatment mask?



  1. Lovely. I'll have to give this mask a go. I usully only use oil like the Shu Uemura nourishing oil which is amazing or the Marocoon oil.

  2. Disappointing! It's the kind of thing I do, I'm always experimenting, even when I've found "the right one". I love rich treatments for the hair!

  3. Ansa - Wow..the Shu Uemera oil sounds interesting. Might go check it out soon. Thanks for dropping by! =)

    Cafe Bellini - Yup..The hair mask was very disappointing for me. And i do agree that rich treatments for hair is totally awesome. Thanks for dropping by!


  4. I never tried a hair mask before ... maybe i should start.


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