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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Review: Hada Labo Shirojyun Arbutin Whitening Face Wash

Somehow I feel that I've been slacking from my little hobby, a.k.a this beauty blog. Though I had been posting but it just did not feel right since I haven't been doing much make up/beauty related posts.
Anyway back to what I wanna share today. This is officially my third week using the Hada Labo facial wash. I bought it at RM16.90 for 50g tube at Guardian's (local drugstore) and so far I would say I am pretty happy with it.

First off, this facial wash hasn't broke me out and I noticed that it did help dried up the bumps that I had on my face from a previous break out. Yea..I haven't fully recovered from the My Beauty Diary Mask breakout. Anyway this facial wash doesn't have much scent to it, which is something I am glad about. Somehow scented facial wash turns me off. The facial wash squeeze out to be a white cream like form and I usually only need a tiny bit of product to lather between my palms to create the foams needed to cleanse my face.

The label at the back states that this product:
  • Gently and effectively removes pore impurities and purifies the skin for a clearer, brighter complexion
  • Enriched with Arbutin and plant extracts for double whitening effect. Helps restore and optimize skin's evenness for visibly fair and radiant skin
  • Contains Super Hyaluronic Acid that penetrates into skin to hydrate intensely leaving skin soft & supple
  • Free of artificial fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol & colorant

Out of all the benefits, I would say that this product definitely fulfilled everything it claims. My skin did look brighter right after cleansing with this product and It is also not drying at all for my skin (My cheeks tend to turn very dry immediately if the product is not suitable for my skin). I also like the fact that my skin feels very clean and refreshed everytime after using the product. Further, with my oil based make up remover, this facial wash also did not leave my skin feeling oily from the residues of the makeup remover after cleansing.

Overall, I am very happy with this product and will look into purchasing the 100g ones after finish using this. 

Final Verdict:
Definitely worth repurchasing!



  1. I want to try this so bad. I'll have to do some research since I don't live anywhere a asian store. I'll have to order it off ebay.

    I totally understand what you mean when you say that work is a bitch. Lately, I can not stand work. I seriously was thinking of quitting both of my jobs and become a stay at home girlfriend. LOL...

  2. great review! Never tried this one except for the toner and its really really good! Would love to try this one day :D

  3. I've always wanted to try this! heard so many good reviews about this. You broke out from using the Beauty Diary masks? Which one in particular? would it just be the specific one that breaks you out? I am happy the cleanser help you recover from the break out :)

  4. Mara - I hope u can find it somewhere nearer. Shipping is always a pain. Omgosh..u work 2 jobs? Tht's amazing. The only one i'm at is a complete pain. I totally agree with u..i wanna be a stay home full time gf/housewife too..LOL

    Dolce Bunny - I think i might wanna try their toner soon. Tht's kinda like their star product.

    Winnie - I broke out from using the Bulgarian rose & Apple polyphenol..was so sad cos i really wanted it to work out for me.


    1. did u mean the "My beauty bulgarian white rose mask"? I hv it jz now & havent tried. coz a bit afraid. I thnk I should try one on my neck 1st.

  5. nice review! i've been thinking about this product the whole time, will purchase or not? yeah kinda hard to decide.your review is very helpful.thanks :) i wanna try it soon^^

  6. Locke - I'm glad that this review was helpful for u. =) More reviews will be coming up soon.


  7. Pls try a fantastic product ladies. I'm currently using the whitening face wash and moisturizer hve been using for a couple of months.


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