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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hello and Happy 2016!

Hello there, it's been awhile since I last updated anything to this space. 

As usual, life got really hectic in 2015 and keeping up writing started becoming harder and harder. Anyway, it's a brand new year and it is time again to renew my annual goal to write on this space more often. 

While beauty is still an obsession of mine, I've been really into travelling over the past year and been toying with the idea of documenting my travels online. Again, as with the origination of this space, I hope that by sharing my travel experience, tips and etc., it may eventually help anyone out there to save some time spent on research and some pennies here and there. 

Here's a picture of one of my most recent travel to Japan (taken at the beautiful Meiji Shrine). 

Stay tune! 


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