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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Swatches: Essie Very Structured

Hello my lovelies, hope November has been going great for everyone so far. Sorry for not posting for quite some time as I was pretty busy at work etc. Oh well! 

Anyway I'm here to share a small haul as well as my nail of the week. 

First off, the swatch of Essie Very Structured. I love love love this color. I wanted to get Mink Muff initially as it is said to be a dupe to Chanel's Particuliere, but the place I went to was out of Mink Muff and this color caught my attention instead. 

My parcel from ELF came in as well. =) I bought a few blushes (ever since I saw some new colors launched on their site, exciting stuff!) and brushes. If you are looking for some affordable brushes. I totally would recommend ELF's Studio Line. They're really awesome!

Hopefully I will be doing the swatches for the blushes soon. 

Happy Weekend!