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Monday, September 3, 2012

Review: August Bellabox, Happy Birthday Singapore!

OK. I know, I am so late with posting up this review on the August's Bella Box. However, I figured, better late than never right?

As some of you may have already known, Bella Box is tied to different themes each month. Whilst I would say that the items/samples within may not have direct correlation to the themes, they do throw in additional goodies according to each month's theme. So the goodies of the month is a 'I love Singapore' printed recycle bag. Though I'm not too big fan of recycle bags, but I reckon this is a pretty neat idea.

Going into the box's items, I think August's items is definitely much better than July's box. If you still remember, I wasn't a fan of July's box at all and was pretty much on the verge of unsubscribing the box service. I decided to give it another go in the end and boy was I happy that I did. My box consists 6 items with one - China Glaze nail polish - being full size. There was also a sample size of Anna Sui's eye color (.08 oz) & Philosophy moisturizer's (.25 oz) which got me really excited about.

Whilst the card stated only 5 items, they had also threw in a small packet of Philosophy cleanser (.2 oz) which I thought was nice. Other products that came with the box were Enavose's exfoliater and L'Oreal's Youth Code essence. Here's a snap shot of the eye color I got. The color code is 002 and it's a really nice silver grey color that's good as a lid/highlight color. 

As per usual, there were some gift vouchers for the samples that came in the box. Frankly speaking, I don't really care for these vouchers since I rarely uses them.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with August's Bella Box and guess I would be trying it out for another month.

How was your August's Bella Box?



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