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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How To: Dove Therapy Intense Damage Treatment Hair Mask

Hi everyone, how's ur day so far? 

I'm pretty stressed out at the moment with work. It's 6pm now and I am still working. Think it's gonna be a long night ahead of me since I gotta finish up this work no matter what. I'm stealing a moment to blog since for me this is really a good stress releasing therapy apart from running on the treadmill. 

Arghh...deadlines suck!

Anyway, I've been wanting to do this post for a VERY LOOONG time now. It has come to my attention that many ppl has been checking out my blog to find out how to use the Dove Intense Damage Therapy hair treatment mask. So I'll just share with you now how I use this mask and the supposed instructions. =)

My Back Ups...I Love Dove Hair Treatment Mask!
According to the instructions on the packaging, u're suppose to
1. Apply a palm full of product and massage throughly onto wet hair. 
2. Leave it on for about 3 minutes and rinse it off after that.

But...since I've been using this baby as a hair conditioner instead of a hair mask, here's what I do..
1. Apply an amount same as u would using conditioner to the ends of ur wet hair
2. Massage whatever that is left on ur palm onto the rest of your hair
3. Leave it on for about 3- 5 minutes (Usually i will wash my face and brush my teeth while waiting for the mask to sink in my hair)
4. Rinse it off thoroughly

I use this product every other day right after washing my hair. So far, it's been a really good product and judging by how many back ups I have, I guess u guys would have guessed how much I enjoyed it. My hair is pretty damaged from all the hair rebonding, curling and coloring and this product have really improved the dryness. But don't buy the Hair Fall therapy, it sucks big time! 

I bought the hair treatment mask at RM 9.88 each at Guardian's (my local drugstore). I hope u guys can still get it at the same price cos if not mistaken, Dove came up with this whole new packaging for their hair products. Hope this post helped anyone who's interested in the product. 

P/S: I wanted to be catwoman on Halloween but I was so busy with exams and work and did not manage to attend any party. ="( 



  1. Great post! And I think your nose is just fine, btw lol. :)

  2. Thanks for the how to on the dove hair mask, very helpful.
    Plastic surgery is an independent choice, and no one should tell you to do it or not to. At the end of the day it’s your body or your face and you’re going to have to look at every day.
    If plastic surgery is going to make you happy then why not go for it, but remember the risks involved with it.
    Personally everybody is beautiful, society just tells different, mostly to sale us products to make us “unrealistically beautiful” lol

  3. Joann- Thanks for dropping by gal! And u're being sooo sweet.. =)

    Dizzy- is really a choice..some may love it and some might regret it...but sometimes it's just tough making a choice der..personally I think every girl out there is beautiful in their own way, it's too bad however that our society perceive in a different kinda way...


  4. I really like the dove products. I use the thermal hair products and i love it.

    Check out my blog, follow if ya like :-)

  5. Thanks sherine...glad that u like dove products too! =)

  6. hey thanks for the instructions on how to use it....I have bought this one but there are no instructions written so couldn't figure out how to use it....hope it works well for me too :)

  7. hey thnx.......... the volume of my hairs is decreasing day by day. plz cn u suggest me how 2 increase my hair volume?

  8. thnx darln.....
    I have bought this one but there are no instructions,

    1. i had da same problem here :),just check out the image above.u'll see da lable can remove(& it mentioned 'open' as well on da top).so u'll find the instruction there how to use da product...

  9. When I damaged my hair a while back I used Dove and it did help a bit, but I also used the pro naturals hair repair line and it helped a lot more so I stuck to that and my hair is really healthy now :)


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