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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Review: Collistar Thermoactive Talasso Scrub

Hi ladies, remember not too long ago I've received the Collistar Thermoactive Talasso Scrub compliments of Sasa Malaysia? I decided that I have tried enough of it to give my opinion and share my experience of using the product.

Sample Size of 150g
 Before that, let me start with a brief introduction of the product. 
Collistar is originated from Italy, Europe. The brand offers a wide range of beauty products for ladies and gents and one of their best selling body range product is the Talasso Scrub. The Collistar Thermoactive Talasso Scrub is in my opinion an upgraded version with reshaping ability apart its original exfoliating ability.

More product information can be found here.

Maris Sal, Glycerin,iPropylene Glycol, Ceteareth-22,iLavandula Angustifolia Oil,iSilica, RosmarinusOfficinalislLeaf Extract, CommiphoralMukul Resin Extract,iColeus Forskohlii RootlExtract, Dipropylene Glycol,lFicus Carica Fruit/LeaflExtract, Camellia SinensislLeaf Extract, HederaiHelix Leaf/Stem Extract,lFucus Vesiculosus Extract,iChondrus Crispus, Glucose,iPolysorbate 20, Ceteth-2,iSteareth-2, Laureth-2, Myreth-2,lAlcohol, Aqua, Linalool,lSodium Lauryl Sulfate,iLimonene, Tocopherol, Phenoxyethanol,lBenzyl Alcohol, PotassiumlSorbate, CI 19140,iCI 42090, CIi14700, Benzophenone-4

Enuf with the brief intro and ingredients, let's move on to what I think about the product.

After Opening the Cap
Packed with essential oil
I have been religiously using the product for a week now and I must say I am pleasantly impressed by how well the product has worked for me. First, let's talk about the smell of the product. As u gals would have already know, I am pretty particular about a product's smell. When I first opened the product, I was pretty surprised with the smell. The exfoliation scrub which I've used before didn't smell of anything but this baby here smells like essential oil for aromatherapy. It has the smell of rosemary and lavender which I really really like. 

I really loved it as an exfoliation scrub but I was very skeptical about the reshaping effect it claims to have because most slimming salt I've used before didn't work nuts for me (Probably cos I have stubborn fats esp on my thighs). Since my thigh have always been a stubborn area to lose any inches, It is natural to try it on them first. Here's day 1 before using the scrub on my thighs. thigh measurements was 19.3125 inches..ARGH...this is a reminder of how huge my thigh is relative to my height and body size..LOL...I'm about 153 cm...

And here's day 5 of using the scrub.

I was shocked! My thigh is now left with 19.125 inches..whee!!!! This is magical. I did my exercise routine- 20 mins jog on every other day as usual through out the 5 days too (It is recommended on the site to use it together with regular exercise).

Did I mention that my skin is also feels extremely smooth everytime after using the scrub? I read on the site that there are 90 types of sea salt packed into this little bottle of scrub. Awesome right?

I use this scrub before bathing on dry skin. I usually mix it slightly before using and apply a tiny bit to my thigh and massage in an upward motion (for about 3- 5 mins). I found out that a spatula actually comes along with the bottle but sadly my sample bottle did not came with any spatula. LOL

I looked up online and the direction says that I should rinse it off after application under shower. However, I like to leave it on my skin for awhile (2-3 mins) as I kinda feel that my fats are being burnt off the most at that time. While massaging into my skin, I also feel heat generating out from my skin. This is the warm effect mentioned on their site which simulates the skin's microcirculation. Apparently, the reshaping is done by 6 phytoextracts in this baby which act on accumulations of fat.

HOHOHO! Now I can finally bid farewell to the stubborn fats on thighs which have been tagging along with me since forever. I used to think that nothing will work unless I go for liposuction. Wee! I have a painless alternative now.

Overall rating: 4/5

This product can be found at all Sasa outlet at a retail price of RM145 (700g).
P/S: It's worth a try! I have just started using this on my arms as well as around my tummy. Will update on the outcome again soon. =)

P/P/S: I think the only downside is that the product that was given to me free did not came along with directions for use which is a bummer. It's also slightly pricey too. I wish they come in smaller size so that ppl who are interested can try it out before buying full size.


Disclaimer: This product was provided by Sasa Malaysia as their guest review initiative. I am not affiliated with the company in any way and the review was given based on my honest opinion and personal experience. 


  1. Oh wow! I want to try it out now. Haha. How much is the product selling for?

  2. It's selling for Malaysian Ringgit 145 for 700g. I'm not too sure about the price in other countries though. =)


  3. woww!!! that sounds awesomeeee!!!!! ><
    now u make me wanna try it out

  4. Great Review! thanks for following me

  5. Mooshi- U should try it's really awesome!

    Lavender- problem with the following.. =)


  6. wow it works for you !!! great review.. hmmm i didnt see any result on myself.. maybe i need to buy 1 big bottle to see the result

  7. this scrub sounds awesome! you have slim thighs already :P i have heard of this brand before too :D

  8. I have thunder thighs, and this product is looking good!
    Thanks for the post!


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