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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Swatches: MAC Paint Pots (Bare Study & Soft Ochre)

Before I jump into sharing my next 'I love Empties' post, I thought I would do a quick swatch post on one of my current obsessions - MAC Paint Pots.

My very first encounter with MAC paint pot was when I just started exploring the World of Makeup (need to stress on this as I was obsessed with skin care as far as I can remember). I wanted to look for something that not only acts as a base to enhance colors of eyeshadows but as a primer as well to keep my shadow longer lasting.

After much debate of the available brands and products in the market, I decided to go with Mac's Soft Ochre especially due to its undertone which is more yellow base - translating to - perfect to correct the frequent redness on my lids. Adding further to my delight, the texture is soft and easy to work with...which fits into my usual 5-10 minutes makeup routine when I'm getting ready for work in half asleep mode each morning.

I added Bare Study into my collection recently due to a sudden interest in brightening my lids especially since I noticed how tired I look most days. I've been really enjoying it so far and can see myself ticking Rubenesque of my list really soon.

Are you a fan of Mac paint pots?



  1. havent tried this before!! Brightening eye lids ?? I think I need to cover my panda eyes with this!! Need to check this out!

  2. I don't have any of these but they're so popular! I think they'd make terrific eyeshadow bases, or by themselves. I love cream shadows so I may have to try these out soon :)

  3. Thanks for dropping by! Do let me know what's ur take on i when u've tried it! :)

  4. Haha...That's what I use it for lids are always droopy due to staring at computer all day long...hope u'll like it.. :D

  5. hi how much was the price of soft ochre in bkk?

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