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Monday, November 15, 2010

Hits & Misses: St. Ives

I've always love the masks from St. Ives and since I heard alot of ravings about their scrub, I decided to jump on the band wagon and give them a try. 

Here's the Apricot scrub which I purchased from Guardian (my local drugstore) few months back..

I've been wanting to do this review for ages but decided that I should try them out longer before deciding whether I love or hate them. And boy I have to say this...I am utterly disappointed with this scrub. Before I start, I must say that there are many skincare/make up products that either do u great or bad. So this review is based on my personal experience but it may have work wonders for someone else. 

-The price was reasonable. I bought it at about RM 23 when it was on sale
-U get alot of product for tht price, a whooping 170g which can last you for really long time

-It was harsh on my skin
-The micro exfoliant/beads in it doesn't gradually dissolve as you scrub them on your face
-I don't like the smell
-I break out from it
-There were no changes (except for the breakout) after I exfoliate my face with it

So in general, u can see how much I dislike the Apricot Scrub. I tried to use it for about a month even after I broke out from it right after using it for 2 times. I am brave..LOL...I still have like 90% of products left in the tube and now I don't know what to do with it.

I often wonder how is it possible that a brand can come up with sucky products and amazing products at the same time. Though I loathed the scrub, I LOVE the masks from St. Ives. I have tried both the clay mask as well as the peel off mask. The clay mask was rather good but since I haven't been a fan of that type of masks, I stuck to their peel off mask.

-Clears off impurites on face
-Pore minimizing and skin tightening
-Brightens face right after application
-Affordable price

-The smell is abit funky my opinion, there is only one con to the St. Ives Peel Off Hydroxy Mask. I adore it and have been using this product since I was in senior year high school. I guess that would mean about 6-7 years now ( u know how old I am =P). I try to use it twice every week and the effect is awesome. I use it even more often whenever I'm lacking of sleep or stress out because that is when I feel my skin sagging. One tube would last me for about 3- 4 months and I am almost done with this tube. Time for another one! =)

Overall I recommend the masks from St. Ives but not so much for the facial scrub. I happened to own the body lotion and body scrub/wash too. They are awesome as well! Slightly more pricey than other brands but I really like them. Funny thing is that I adore the smell of the Apricot body scrub/wash but hate the Apricot facial scrub. Weird..

I'm planning to try the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask too....I've heard too much ravings about it for the longest time but since I was a loyal supporter of St. Ives Peel Off Mask..I haven't thought of switching..That said, since now I'm almost done with my current tube, I wanna get the Queen Helene one...Anyone tried them before? How do u find them? 

Do let me know. 



  1. ST Ives broke me out when I used it everyday beacause I thought its just a face wash but then the beads were too harsh for my skin but now i use it only once a week and more on my nose and it works out better that way. I wanna try that mask though! I love St Ives Oatmeal and Shea butter body wash. So moisturizing and smells nice! I love Queen Julep mask for spot treatment for my pimples it dries it up faster.

  2. Nikka- I used it twice a week and it still broke me out. =( It was really a shame. They don't have the Oatmeal ones here...I wanna try it..sounds so yummy...haha....Queen Julep sounds great..I gotta try it now.. =)


  3. I actually like the St. Ives Scrub been using it for years. I use it twice a week and I'm lucky that I don't break out from it. It sucks that it didn't work for you.

    I also love the queen helene mint masque. It's really refreshing and you can feel it tightening while using. I live in the States and you can find them at Walgreens. Not quite sure where you can find them where you live. Sorry. :(

  4. I used the Apricot scrub back in the day before my skin was super I can't use it because it's too harsh for my face. I'm so getting the Queen Julupe Mint masque next time i go to walmart (my 2nd home i swear)....i've been hearing so many good things about it.

  5. I tried the apricot facial scrub when I was 16 and it broke me out :(

  6. If you find the scrub breaks you out, you should use it as a body scrub. It is excellent for all over exfoliation!

    The Queen Helene mask is awesome. I use it once every week and it brightens my skin, fades acne scarring, de-gunks pores and firms the skin! I have been using this and the scrub since high school.

    Thanks for sharing your review!

  7. I like the St. Ives green tea scrub. It smells fresh, but don't scrub too hard since it contains exfoliating beads + salicylic acid. I think the mint julep masque is especially good for oily/acne prone skin (when it dries you can see the oil it absorbed from the skin). It also tingles on application, and I love that it doesn't dry too hard. Definitely worth a try.

  8. Mara- I had really high expectations for it before this. It's a total shame that it broke me out..Wished that it will work for me..

    Elle- I gotta get tht too..heard too many good things about it..

    Marshy- =(

    Dye-A-Graham- I think I'm gonna do that since I still have a whole tube of product! Thanks babe..=D

    Rei- They dun have the green tea scrub where I's such a shame...argh..LOL

  9. The mint julep mask is great! It makes my skin feel tighter and smoother after I keep it on for about 30 minutes. It definitely cleans out your pores. You can actually see how much oil it draws out. It's really good as a spot treatment as well =) Plus, the tube lasts forever!


  10. I love St. Ives

    I havent seen that Hydroxy Masque here, might have to check it out, im currently using "Min Julep"

  11. Ah I only use that scrub when I feel like I need extra extra cleaning. It's a little rough so I use a small amount. I want to try the Queen Helene mask too! But not available locally.


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