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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ramblings: What are ur Favorite False Lashes?

Hello my lovelies, I'm here again to share another post on some of my favorite falsies and how I store my used lashes. 

Throughout my years of using false lashes, I have come to the conclusion that some lashes just look awful on my eyes. For some unknown reasons, I always can't wear the criss crossed kinda lashes. They tend to make my eyes smaller. It also took many trial and error to make me finally realized that I look better in half lashes than the full ones. So I always cut my lashes before using them...

Here's some pictures of my favorite falsies among my collection, 

Love this esp for night out
Natural falsies
So my current two favorite lashes are the ones above. Both are Asian lashes, first is from Korea and second is from Taiwan. I usually wear the first one for a night out or for events while second one is for everyday wear. Though I don't put them on everyday but when I don't feel like doing much eye make up, the natural falsies really do come in handy. Just throw them on and I'll look all made up and different instantly =D

I'm lusting to get the famous Dolly Wink falsies. 

Dolly Wink's Creator- Tsubasa
Picture adapted from winkiepinkiebeautycorner
My Collection of Lashes
Taiwan Lashes for Giveaway! =)
Storage box from Daiso
All my used lashes
I store all my used lashes in this little compartment box I bought from Daiso. I tend to reuse my lashes for a minimum of 4- 5 times before tossing them away. So this is a very convenient way because this way I wouldn't have lash glue everywhere in my make up bag and make up storage area. It's also small enough to be chucked away into my bag for travel. 

What are your favorite false lashes? How do u store ur used lashes? Let me know in the comments. =)



  1. Im a noob when it comes to lashes. I only wore them a couple of times. You have a great amount of falsies..where did you buy the first ones? They look so full and pretty!

  2. oh my goodness thats falsie heaven! my favourite lashes are 101 demi's by ardell :)

  3. these lashes are so cute, love the doll lashes. I have never tried putting false lashes on, i think it looks really hard haha :)

    xoxo Christine

  4. Haha!
    I actually made some reviews about my lashes that I recently purcahsed. I also have the ones you use. The princess lashes. Too bad my boyfriend hates them! He thinks it looks so unnatural on me. I never really gave it a try to cut them half way, but I definitely would for those. I'm loving a different pair right now from Model21.

    Did you get your Taiwan lashes online? or at a store?

  5. I like the first ones! Where can I get them?

  6. What a creative way to store the falsies! They are great aren't they? Instant eye openers!

  7. I bought some on ebay one and they are terrible !!! so bad the never stick its too bad there so cheap =( great post !!!

  8. Wow dear...that's a lot of lashes u bought..

  9. I don't really have any but I do love star gazer as they are fun and a little silly. I have a gold pair that I post about them ages ago, and I would wear them everyday if I could :)

  10. wow! pretty lashes! you have a nice collection~ both styles are sooo pretty :D yeah, i have to agree that not all styles will look good on you.i also prefer the half cut lashes and thin
    simple ones :) dolly winks are super cute! i want to try them out too!

  11. i've actually never tried falsies before, but i really want to! :D

    <3, Mimi

  12. Nice! I like all of the lashes, esp the cute dolly wink ones :)

  13. i don't use false lashes, cause i still have to get how they work!:)but this post inspires me to do it!

  14. omgsh u have a great collection of lashes right there
    i havent tried enough to tell u precisely which ones i like but i like the ones which gives length and a natural look :D

    ps loving ur blog haha going to followw keep it up!!


  15. You have a big collection of falsies! I've never tried princess eyelashes before.
    Although I own a lot of Taiwan falsies too but I love MAC's #7 falsies the best! I'm not a good falsies storer... I just put them on my table... haha

  16. where do you get your falsies?

  17. Nikka- I bought them at a local night market..haha...I'm gonna get one of those to include in the giveaway as well! =)

    Donna- Haha..I love love lashes...they're just so useful! Haven't tried the Ardell Lashes though...

    Christine- U should try them out..lashes are awesome...

    Alysiahh- Awww...sometimes I trim them abit just to make them shorter..haha...I bought those taiwan lashes from a forum..havent seen them in shops though..

    Lisa- I got those from a local night market...haven't seen them in any other online shops though..

  18. Girlie blog- Yups..haha...they're great when i'm lazy to do make up..haha..

    Curves ahead makeup- Hm...probably trim them abit?

    Slowbrogal- Haha..yea..I love lashes...they're my holy grail products..

    Vintage and cake- =D

    Locke-'s so sad and i wish that everything fits me..haha

    Mimi- Try them out soon.. they're awesome!

    Silkybow- The dolly wink ones are really pretty..i think i'm gonna try them out real soon too..

    Hiven- Took me a long time to get it right too..haha.. =)

  19. Alice- Haha...u should try them out soon...they're great!

    Mooshi- Thanks gal! =D

    Dolce- I use to place them in my compact powder..haha..and the glue went everywhere over the powder..haha

    Kyoote- I bought the taiwan lashes online and i bought the first one in the local night market.. =)

  20. I like how you stored all your lashes in that little compartment box, great idea.

  21. Dizzy- I might be getting a slightly bigger one. This is great for traveling though! Haha...


  22. wow you have so much false lashes.. i have one pair which I rarely use.. too lazy lol


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