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Monday, August 30, 2010

Review: Eco Tools Bamboo 6 Piece Eye Brush Set

Hi everyone, i'm back from my little traveling and i am so burn out from the trip. I really missed having internet access and blogging. Anyway i packed the Eco Tools eye brush set along with me for the whole trip and am now confident to do a review and tell u guys how i felt about it.

So, before i go deeper into each brush, i will just do my conclusion first.
"I absolutely love them. I think everyone should have a set. It is soooooooo convenient to bring along when u're traveling."

Yup..that is what i felt about the brushes during my trip.

I bought this set here. It is a very affordable set and retails at USD$7.99.

This set comes with 5 eye brushes and a carry case hence 6 piece in total. It is made from natural and recycled materials and are cruelty free. I took the description of each brush from the website and thought i'll just show it to u guys here.


Large Eye Brush

1. Large Eye Brush - Apply and blend shadows
On the handle of the brush, they named it as a blend brush. I've been using it as an eye shadow and highlight brush to pat the shadows onto my eyes. As u can see from the pic, it is rather big as compared to the ELF eye shadow brush which makes patting shadows really fast and easy. The bristles are very soft and products come onto the brush easily. I have some doubts about it initially cos my lids are really small but now I would say that this is my favourite and most frequent used brush among all.

Comparing the angled crease brush to ELF eyeshadow brush

2. Angled Crease Brush - Softly apply colour to crease for definition
I am not a big fan of this brush mainly cos it’s slightly big for me to be used as a crease brush. However, again the bristles are very soft so I just use this to sweep off any fallout from my lids.

Comparing the large eye brush and petite eye shading brush to ELF eyeshadow brush

3. Petite Eye Shading Brush - Use with deeper or accent colours for a bold look
I like this brush but have not seen much use of it throughout my trip. I think its cos I had brought the ELF brownstone quad and had been doing neutral eyes only and the highlight brush and the large eye brush is already sufficient for this kind of eye look.

4. Highlighting Brush - Perfect for highlighting the brow bone and inner corners of the eye
This is my second favourite brush. I used it as a blending brush throughout my trip. Again, the bristles are very soft and due to the size, it makes blending a lot faster and easier. Sometimes I used the brush to pat on some outer corner colours as well.

Comparing the highlight brush and smudge brush to ELF blending eye brush

5. Smudge Brush - Smudge shadow and liner along lash line for a smoky look
This again is a brush that I had used the least during my trip. It is a great brush to do lower waterline colour and to smudge the lower liner. But I haven’t been using it cos I’m not a big fan of lining my lower waterline. I used this on my friend though and she absolutely loves this smudge brush.

I definitely recommend u guys to get it if you're looking for affordable eye brushes.


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