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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Review: Clinique 3 Steps System

My skin condition was rather bad before i started using Clinique 3 steps (Type 2). Main reason was due to stress and a change in my facial regime. I switched to Olay Total Effects foaming cleanser after finished using my Biotherm cleanser. The Olay Total Effects cleanser made my skin dry and my pores enlarged.

The Culprit

During the initial month, the 3 steps really helped regain my skin to its original condition. As i've mentioned here, the only complain i have was that the moisturizing lotion is too oily (I have combination skin). Fastforwarding to week 14, i finished up the system 2 weeks ago and switched to my backup skincare.

1. Step 1: Clinique Liquid Facial Soap

My thoughts:
Did a good job as a cleanser but i was expecting more due to the price & hype from reviews. Perhaps a glowing face or smaller pores? I gotta admit that it leaves my skin clean, fresh and soft. However, my current cleanser (Olay Natural White healthy fairness foaming cleanser) is doing the same thing. And comparing the price, Olay can be bought at less than RM10 (100g) but a bottle of Clinique liquid facial soap is RM 78 (200ml).

Current Cleanser

Verdict: 3.8/5 ; I will go for Olay since it's doing the same job at lower price.

2. Step 2: Clinique Clarifying Lotion

My thoughts:
This has a strong sense of alcohol in it and it stings my face whenever i have pimples or cuts from eyebrow shaving. I'm pretty fine with the smell but some may find it unbearable. Like the cleanser, it did a good job as a toner for me. It helped my pore size to regain to their original size after my skin disaster. But i did not find it to further minimize them. Now i switched to Loreal White Perfect Whitening Toner, i find that Loreal is doing the same thing to my skin. It maintained my pore size and the better part is that it has whitening effect which i love!

I put my toner in the Anna Sui spray bottle for easy & fast application.
The smaller bottle is easier for traveling too!

Verdict: 3.5/5; If only it had further minimized my pores! =(
Anyway Loreal is a whole load cheaper too (Loreal 200ml RM 23 compared to Clinique 200ml RM 83)!

3. Step 3: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

My thoughts:
I dislike this lotion. It made my skin really oily and because of that, i never use it as a day lotion. I used it as a night lotion and again i don't see any 'dramatically different' changes in my skin. The only thing it did was to prevent my cheeks drying. I'm currently using my Biotherm White Detox Hydrating Milk Lotion as my night lotion (it was my day lotion). It's doing a better job and i prefer it due to its less oiliness and whitening effect.

Verdict: 2/5; I definitely need a new moisturizer after i'm done with my Biotherm as well. Will not repurchased the Clinique one again.

I don't think i will repurchase this system again. I don't mind spending more money on skincare but i'm always expecting more results from higher end products and this system was only doing good and decent but not fantastic job.



  1. I think you will like Korres white tea cleanser (I'm going to make a post on that)! I loved it more then dr Bronner's soap(which I raved about)
    I also used Clinique -step system - don't think much of it either

  2. Hey Renee, thanks for visiting and dropping a comment! Will go check out ur posts soon. =)
    Yea..i was pretty disappointed with the Clinique system but good thing was that i did not purchase the full size one. Hope u're having a wonderful day!


  3. Good product review. I guess i'll try the Olay products and see if its work for me.

    thanks for sharing.

  4. Great review!
    For me I actually like the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and there gel.

  5. Hey Shineyglam, thanks for dropping by and leaving a commment! =)

    Hey Dizzy, i guess it suits ur skin type. It didn't suit mine which is such a shame. Anyway thanks for dropping by!

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  6. i'm so glad i came across your page and read your review on the clinique 3 step skincare. I was contemplating whether to give them a try but wasn't sure. Thanks for the review!

    p.s i did a review on their mascara, you can check it out if you like.
    i'll be following your blog now *hehe*

  7. Hi cutie! great product review! I've heard amazing things about Clinique 3 step!

    Thanks for following. I'm returning the favor! =)
    the style and musings of a fashion lawyer living, playing and shopping in LA.

  8. Hey BeautyStyleAddict, thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a comment. I'm really glad that u like the review. I will be posting up more reviews in time to come. So stay tune! I'll be checking out the mascara post soon too! =) Stay awesome!

  9. Hey goodbadnfab, thanks for dropping by! I love your blog by the way. I've heard amazing reviews about them also but too bad that the Clinique system did not work well for me! =)

  10. hi. i've been used clinique for quite some time. the result was static until my facial wash was finished. and my skin also looked dull. then, the seller recomnd facial wash like body soap. owh! pimples! then i switched to oxy. its only cost rm6.++. cheaper than rm78. and result really ammazed me.but i still used toner and their moustrizer. used until all finished. because expensive rite.hehe

  11. Hi there, thanks for dropping by! I totally agree with you. It's way too expensive. Have been on the hunt for a cheaper facial wash that does the same job.



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