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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Review: ELF Concealer Pencil & Brush

I just wanna share with u guys one of my favorite concealer. One which I had been using rather religiously over the past 6 months or so.  This is none other than the ELF Concealer Pencil & Brush (Studio line). I'm sure if u noticed, I have featured this item in many monthly favorites post.

This is my second one now. I loved it so much that I reordered it from the ELF website again. I ordered some other items as well, but others were out of stock. What a bummer! The color which I ordered this time is Fair which I think match up my NC20 skin better. I bought Light (suitable for NC30 skintone) the first time and it was rather dark/orange for my skin.

ELF Concealer Pencil & Brush (Fair)

Top: ELF Concealer Pencil & Brush in Light; Bottom: ELF Concealer Pencil & Brush in Fair


(With Flash) Left: Light; Right: Fair

(Without Flash) Left: Light; Right: Fair

What ELF claims: 
-Conceal and heal acne for on the spot treatment
-Medicated formula with active Salicylic Acid & Tea Tree Oil heals and clears blemishes
-Provides natural looking coverage under or over makeup so blemishes disappear

This product comes in 2 ends, the Conceal end & the Blend end. The Conceal end is basically just the concealer itself while the Blend end is a brush. I really dislike the brush side and feel that it's totally useless. It doesn't blend the product at all. In my opinion, this is mainly due to the sticky and thick consistency of the concealer. I find that using fingers to blend is still the best method to apply as it warms up the product and makes it really creamy.

The Conceal end also comes with a cap sharpener. Though this is a convenient idea but due to the creamy consistency of the concealer, it gets really messy wen I'm in a rush and nick the product on the cap. So instead of capping it with the sharpener as per usual, I cap the conceal end with the black cap from the brush end.

One thing worth mentioning about this concealer is it really does speeds up my acne healing process as it dries up the spot. Not too bad for a $3 product!


What I like:
-Great for spot concealing 
-Good staying power (Mainly due to its sticky consistency)
-Affordable price ($3, OMG)
-It dries up my acne/pimples (freaking unbelievable for the price)
-The concept of concealer in a pencil, great to pack in my travel bag

What I dislike:
-The brush side, it's redundant
-Packaging is rather cheap, the cap cracks really easily
-The swatches provided on the website sucks!
-The smell, it reminds me of crayon
-Limited color selection

Overall Rating: 4.0/5.0 (Points were deducted for the limited color selection)

My Recommendation:
This is only for spot concealing! I do not recommend it for any other use. If you are looking for a cheap spot concealer, this is a really good option to look into. However, do not trust the swatches on the website!



  1. ya the swatches of pretty much everything on the ELF website suck!

  2. I think up till now, the only web site that provides rather good swatches is MAC! Haha...

  3. thanks for review,.
    i think i need to have this one,.
    i'm having breakout right now, pimples, acne, oily face,.i will change my skin care routine

  4. Camilla- I hope u will find it as good. =) Btw I forgot to mentioned that this doesn't oil up as much too!

  5. Hey those Elf consealer is exactly what I need at the moment!! :) thanks for the review

  6. Ena- No problem babe! I'm glad that u find the review helpful..


  7. this sounds awesome, i'll get it a try 8)
    thx for sharing!

  8. Dizzy- Hope that u'll like them once u try it out!


  9. This sounds brilliant! Thanks for sharing :)



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