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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monthly Favorites #2: Goodbye February, Hello March!

It's been ages since I did a monthly favorites post. I figured I should do like a cumulative monthly favorites now since my list of favorite products hasn't change much over the past few months.

The List:
1. MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural (light)
I love love love this product! Though it's rather pricey, I think it's totally worth it as a lil bit of the powder gives me the glow and sheer coverage I need.

2. Revlon Color Burst Lipstick (Soft Nude)
This lipstick is now my everyday go to lip color. It goes with almost all kinda eye make up color and best of all it doesn't wash me out at all.

3. MAC Paint Pot (Soft Ochre)
This is one of my most recent purchase from MAC. I bought this in MAC Bangkok and I'm really glad that I finally found this. I will be doing a review of this product soon. So stay tune!

4. MAC Powder Blush (Peaches)
Current favorite blush. Gives me the correct amount of flush and glow I need on my pale complexion. If u have a skin of around NC20, definitely check this blush out.

5. ELF Brightening Eye Color (Brownstone)
This is by far the most versatile brightening quad from ELF I own. I use the brown color as my brow color everyday and I love it to bits. Since I've hit pan on that color, I might need to start looking for another alternative brow color. Any suggestions?

6. ELF Powder Brush (Studio Line)
If u are looking into purchasing anything from ELF, this is definitely the 'NOT TO BE MISSED' product. It's such a soft and good quality brush. I use it both for my liquid foundation and blush everyday.

 7. DEARY Chamomile & Arbutin Mask
This is the facial mask which I have been using weekly now. I was debating whether to purchase it initially, but right now I'm glad that I bought it. In my opinion, this is even better than the cult favorite, My Beauty Diary Mask. If u r a big fan of MBD masks, definitely check this out. It is also a more affordable alternative compared to MBD. In fact, I love it so much tht it's one of the prizes that I'm giving away. =)

8. Stage Brush Cleaner
This is the spot cleanser for all my brushes. It usually takes a really long time for my washed brushes to dry. So, for daily cleansing, I opt for this brush cleanser which is way way way faster. 

9. Biotherm White D-Tox Corrective Make-up Base
A holy grail product for me, I'm pretty sure this is my third one now. I adore the instant brightening effect it gives me and sometimes when I'm lazy, I just need to put on this and the MAC MSFN and I'm ready to go! 

What are ur February favorites?

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  1. I am so happy you reviewed the Biotherm White D-tox corrective makeup base as it is been on my list for many years. I was always so tempted to buy it in Asia but always forgot (and come back and regret). how is the brightening effect like? would it make the skin look too "white"? I'd love to know more!

    My favorite includes a MAC blush too which is a peach color that is really similar to peaches but its called Melba. I think its slight pinker than peaches :)

  2. Ohh I wanna try the MSF natural SOOO bad *_* Thank good for my gift card! Haha! Deff. getting that one! I really wanna try Soft Nude as well : D

    I actually have the brightening eyecolor in 'Silver Lining' but I absolutely HATE it.. >_<"

  3. noooooo! These are all the products I've been lusting after recently! Please don't tempt me... haha xxxx

  4. great picks! =)
    i have a long list of favorites for feb. might as well make a post on it too! :)

  5. we both share some favorites, the paint pot, MSF, the ELF brush, & MAC blushes......

  6. I was very impressed with the SKII Facial Treatment Essence (, enough so that I have continued to use the product daily as part of my skin care routine after the test period. It's a luxury purchase to be sure, but this is one of the best products that can really make a significant difference in your skin, and so worth every penny.

    I applied the treatment each morning and evening after cleansing my skin and before moisturizer/primer and then makeup. Within just a few days I could see that my skin was much more supple and smooth - particularly in the t-zone. After about two weeks, I loved the beautiful glow my skin had - even without makeup.

  7. that's some of my favourites too, I used to use Biotherm all the time until it started giving me a rash!! :( Sigh, but it was good when it lasted hehe

  8. I love elf flat brushes! they are like the best brush ever! Use it mostly for blush though! hehehe :D

  9. I want so much to try so much the ELF Powder Brush.

  10. been contemplating on whether to get the deary mask that ive been seeing around watsons for months now,not sure if its good,but now i will just buy it tomorrow! and hi fellow Malaysian ;)


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