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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Current Addiction #2: Getting Sloppy

Lately, I've become rather lazy in putting on makeup, partly due to my "all out" holiday mood and partly cos I just did not find much motivation in dolling myself up. I think some parts were also caused by the hectic travel schedule I was on few weeks ago over the holiday season which drained my energy level.

Anyway, on days involving short hours outta the house, these are the items I wear on my face..

Clockwise (From Top Left): ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder, MAC Powder Blush in Peaches, Missha The Style Perfect Concealer in Light Beige
Current Favorite: MAC Powder Blush in Peaches

Long lost concealer: Missha The Style Perfect Concealer in Light Beige

Go to Bronzer: ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder
These are the 3 items I use on my "lazy day outings". I have an obsession for blushes since forever and my new obsession is with the MAC Powder Blush in Peaches. I love the youthful glow that it gives. I think the color certainly took some age off from my skin. 

Another must have for me on a lazy day is concealer. Since I've finished my ELF Concealer Pencil & Brush, I've been going back to a long forgotten concealer, Missha The Style Perfect Concealer. I wouldn't say that I am a big fan of this concealer and am certainly looking forward to finish this product (I've hit pan! Yay!) so I can try some other brands. This is another one of those concealer which can only be use for spot concealing. It does a rather good/decent job in concealing spots but it can be pretty hard to work with especially for those with dry skin. I find that on days when I'm deprived of sleep (the usual cause of dry skin for me), this concealer can look really patchy and flaky on my skin. Also, if you are always in a hurry, this is not the concealer that u will like since u will really need to blend the product properly into ur skin to prevent the flaky/patchy look.

Last but not least, included on the list is my ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder. A product which I have  professed my love on many accounts on this blog. I use the bronzer in this duo to contour my face and yes I contour my face even on lazy days cos I refuse to let my humongous face be seen in any situation outside of my house. It does a really good job at an incredibly affordable price tag! I love affordable products that do equivalently good jobs as high end products.

What are the makeup products u wear out on lazy days?



  1. lovely post, mine is my tinted moisturizer by elf, my concealer and lipstick

  2. Thanks for the info.

  3. great post :) I just ordered the elf bronzer/contour palette. I'm stoked!

  4. I love my ELF blush & bronzer duo too. :)

  5. I am even worse. I've been only wearing foundation and mascara for the last two weeks


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