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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review: Baviphat Grape Anti Wrinkle Gel Cream

I have been consistently using this product for almost a month now and am finally comfortable in sharing a review on this blog. I feel really bad for always taking such a long time to try out a product (min 3 weeks), but I really want to get a good feel on how the product works and personally the longer I use them, the better I'll be able to notice the changes.

Anyway back to the main topic here today. Baviphat is a Korean originated brand which offers a wide range of skincare (their sleeping mask is apparently one of the best selling product) and cosmetic products. I would say the very first thing about this brand which caught my eye is the cute packaging.

Since the product I bought is the grape gel cream, the cap is packaged to look like an actual grape. To describe it as a cream would be inappropriate. When I first opened the product, I din immediately fell in love with its consistency as it is gel like and rather watery. I always felt that this kinda consistency does not absorb well into the skin but I was clearly wrong about it. The product absorbs fairly fast into my skin and every time after applying the gel my skin feels freshen. Initially it did gave a tightening sensation but this faded after about 2 weeks of use. I think it was mainly becos my skin have gotten used to the product.

I enjoyed the sweet grape scent of the product even though under normal circumstances I would rather it be unscented. However, since the scent does not linger after I apply it on my skin (which is good as it shows that product absorbs fast into my skin), I find it to be rather refreshing. 

Here's a summary..

What I like:
Did not break out my skin
Absorbs fast into my skin
Non sticky/greasy
Skin feels soft immediately
Scent fades quickly
Affordable price (RM79.90 for 100g of product)
One bottle can last for a long time since each application requires very little product

What I don't like:
Instructions are all in Korean (A disaster since I don't understand any of it)
Packaging is bulky and not suitable for travel (I transfer into my pill container)
Did not see any of the anti wrinkle effect

Like I mentioned, I did not see much of the anti wrinkle effect which it claims since my wrinkles are still around and are not going anywhere (perhaps I need to finish the whole bottle?). I find it only to be a decent moisturizer with a slight firming effect. I use this as a night cream and apply it on my skin after toner and serum.

Overall rating: 2.8/5 

Would I repurchase?
I don't think so. But I certainly am interested in trying the sleeping mask from Baviphat. Also If you are used to high end products with add on effects (anti wrinkle, pore minimizing, whitening etc), I do not think u will like this.

For those in Malaysia interested in Baviphat, u can check out their counters at:
Parkson Pavilion
Parkson Sg. Wang

P/S: On another note, I saw the exact packaging/lookalike product renamed as a SASA brand product. I guess this gives a good indication of how popular Baviphat is among Asia countries. 

Hope this review helps!



  1. This is so cute! I love how a lot of Korean cosmetics have such adorable packaging :D

  2. Rinny- I have the exact same sentiments! Love all the pretty and cute packaging of these korean products... =)


  3. The packaging is cute kinda reminds me of Tony Moly products. The consistency of it looks interesting it's like a gel not so much like a cream like you said. Great review! :)

  4. Gosh, the packaging is so cute! :) I like the baby green color! hehe It does look really good though, and refreshing :D

  5. Mara- Thanks babe! =) They call it a cream and I was pretty taken aback when I opened

    Rainy Days and Lattes- The others are even cuter..I am lusting to get my hands on the sleeping mask soon..



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