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Saturday, October 1, 2011

I suck at Project 10 Pan!

Some of my recent skincare purchases.  

I’ve been really into Naruko's skincare ever since trying out their night gelly. I think the products are really affordable and effective which explains my uncontrollable urge to purchase the below items when I came across them in my local drugstore.

Am planning to buy more Naruko stuff at the end of the month since I've finished using my makeup/skincare budget for Oct. Crazy right? It's only the start of the month and I've managed to used up my funds. =(  Blame the evil online shopping. BTW, Ulta is having awesome 40% off Maybelline, Physicians Formula, Neutrogena and Revlon!

U must be wondering what budget I'm talking about? Well, it is actually my newly adopted method to control my addiction in buying skincare & makeup. I've tried project 10 pan many times before this but I totally failed every single time. So I figured instead of forcing myself to finish stuff before my next purchases, I would start a monthly budget for skincare & makeup. And so far, I'm proud to say that it's been working great! 

Weekend's finally here!!! Hope u're having an awesome one! 


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