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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Review: Biotherm Aquasource Starter Kit

It was around the beginning of this year that I bought a set of Biotherm Aquasource starter kit for travel purposes. Since then, I've always wanted to share the review here but as time passes by, it just kinda slipped my mind.

So the other day, while I was going through and reading some comments, I came across one which requested a review on this set of product. I kept a firm mental note on it this time round and so, here it is!

This set retails at RM 100 in Malaysia. I believe that selected Biotherm counters may still carry them now but u gotta check out popular counters like the ones in One Utama, Pavilion etc. I have already finished using the Aquasource gel and I absolutely adore it. I love the hydration and how it controls the size of my pores, making them visibly smaller. Really awesome product.

As for the cleanser and the toner, I still have about half of it left. Honestly, I don't find myself reaching for this 2 products and I'm certainly not a huge fan of it. Out of the 3 products in this trial set, the only one which I will repurchase is the Aquasource gel (aka moisturizer). I did not enjoy the squeaky kinda feeling the cleanser gives me. It really did clean my face very well, but I just am not a fan of how my skin feels right after.

As for the toner, I find that it might be just my preference of skin care that causes me to shy away from it. I prefer toners that soften the texture of my skin and I just don't feel that this toner did so. 

Overall, I would still recommend this trial kit if you can find it since it is really very convenient for travel. As for which product I will purchase in full size, I'd say I'm sticking to the Aquasource gel. 

Hope this review helps.


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