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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hits & Misses: E.L.F Edition

I realized that I've been procrastinating long enough about writing this post. Though I've picked out the items that I really enjoy using from ELF, but the process of taking pictures of them with my phone's camera is such a pain. Anyway, hope u lovelies enjoy this post!

And here we go!

♥ The HITS ♥
1. E.L.F Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder

I ♥ them! They are Da Bomb!
I think by now all of you had been reading my blog regularly would already know how much I love this baby! It's such a handy thing to throw in ur make up whenever u're on the go. Not to mention the BIG ASS mirror that u get and also the amount of product for only USD 3.00. The formulation is also pretty awesome and the colors are sooooo pretty. Definitely a HIT from E.L.F!

2. Brushes (Studio & Professional)

Studio Line: Blush Brush, Complexion Brush, Powder Brush, Kabuki Face Brush
Professional Line: Eyeshadow Brush, Blending Eye Brush, Eye Lash & Brow Wand
If you haven't tried them out, you probably should really go to their site and start ordering. This is how good I think their brushes are. But BEWARE! Not all brushes are as good. Most of the time u can check the ratings and review below. It's pretty accurate. I owned these few and another few, and for the above mentioned, I actually can vouch for them. They are pretty darn good stuff. Apart from the Kabuki which is USD 5.00, studio line brushes retails for USD 3.00 and the professional line for USD 1.00.

3. Cream Eyeliner (Black)

Cream Eyeliner in Black
They are very creamy and easy to apply. Pigmentation is very good. But if you have rather oily lids I suggest you to set the liner with a powder in case it smudges. For myself, if I don't rub my eyes, this liner actually stays and doesn't smudge the whole day. How awesome right?

4. Translucent Matifying Powder

Great setting powder!
I really like this product as a setting powder. I also uses it whenever I only have tinted moisturizer on my face (this is when my skin condition is decent). The overall combination of just tinted moisturizer and this powder provides a pretty good coverage. If throughout the day when I need a quick touch up of my make up, I will use this as it removes shine.
On the side note, I actually own the ELD High Definition Powder as well and I didn't really enjoy them cos they actually accentuates my pores which is a total sucker (A guy asked my why i had small bumps around my T zone when it's really just the HD powder).

5. E.L.F Concealer Pencil & Brush

Mine is in Light
They are great in concealing blemishes but not undereye. As much as I love the formulation of this product and the whole pencil concealer idea, I'm not gonna lie and tell u that this is perfect. For one thing, the idea of putting a sharpener as a cap to a creamy concealer is totally DUMB! I'm still gonna list it as a HIT because I really really am in love with the concealer side. I don't find myself using the brush side as much because they just can't compare to my fingers. For me, to avoid nicking the concealer, I actually switched the caps on both side. The sharpener cap on the brush (since i don't use it anyway) and the brush side on the concealer. Also, go check out swatches of this concealer because the swatch on their site is not true most the time. I wish I had gotten mine in Fair instead of Light.

6. E.L.F Eyebrow Kit

Another item from their studio line which I really enjoyed using. Needless to say, it gets ur brow done fast and cheap. But again, I wish I have bought mine in medium instead of dark. I do not use the brush that came along cos they actually sucks. I only use them unless I have no other options.

7. E.L.F Blush

Peachy Keen
I love this color. It gives such a nice subtle glow to the face. I think I might wanna try out other colors the next time. Again gals, check swatches from blogs to get an idea of how the color really looks like. The one on the website just can't be trusted at all.

8. Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder

Sunkissed (Left), Luminance (Right)
I love these. They are cheap and works pretty well. I have all four colors but I don't really like Matte Bronze and Warm Tan. Matte Bronze is just too dark for my skintone and Warm Tan makes me look sorta orange. I have swatches of them in a previous post. So check them out if you are interested. I did not post up picture of Warm Tan cos I think that's pretty much a MISS for me. Somehow the formula for Warm Tan cause alot of fallouts and it's pretty cakey as well. And cos Warm Tan is soooo loosely packed, mine actually broke for no reason!!!

9. Luscious Liquid Lipsticks

Ruby Slipper, Raspberry (still in package)
Good news for me! I've finally finished using Ruby Slipper. The one in the picture is actually completely DONE though it still looks as if there's bit of product left. Anyway, I really enjoy this lip product cos they are soooo minty and I love mints. Also, I find them really moisturizing for my rather easily chapped lips. The colors are very pretty as well. I wouldn't say that they are lipsticks cos most the time the colors are so sheer. I  think naming them as lipgloss will be far more suitable. By the way, the applicator is a sponge so if you're not very keen with the idea, don't buy it cos I don't think u will like them.

10. Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15

Goddess & Pink Kiss (still in package)
Again, I love these lip gloss. The colors are very pretty and they are moisturizing as well. I also find them to be pretty long lasting. My personal favorite color is Goddess. Though they are said to be non sticky, but they actually are. So if you're not a fan of sticky stuff, It might not be a good product for u.

1. All Over Cover Stick 

From Left: Spotlight, Pink Lemonade, Light
I really am not a fan of these. I bought them mainly cos I heard pretty good reviews on youtube. Let's start with spotlight and pink lemonade. I don't find the color to be pretty long lasting and for Spotlight to be used as a highlighter, it actually adds shine to the face. Now for the all over cover stick in light, I wanted to use it as a concealer, but I find it to be very hard to apply and in the end I just gave up. So, these items are actually just sitting in my collection right now which is such a shame.

2. Feather Proof Moisturizing Lip Liner

Natural Blush
First, I do not like the smell at all. They smell like crayons to me. 
Second, I do not like the formula. They are dry and hard to apply and u need to drag it on ur lips to get some color.

3. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

I did a review and comparison of this liner before. Check out this post and u will know why it's a MISS. ;)

4. Other Brushes

Top To Btm: Concealer Brush, Blushing, Bronzing & Blending Brush, Small Angled Brush
As much as I love their brushes, there are still MISSES among the lot. I do not like the concealer brush cos i find the application of concealer using them gives sorta a streaky finish. For the small angles brush, I think that they are decent but still they can do much better than this. I find that after using them with the cream eyeliner for one time, the brush tip sorta splits into half which is quite weird. Finally for the blushing, bronzing and brush, it's a complete MESS. The bristles are soooo rough and prickly on my face. A complete miss. 
P/S: I heard that the total face brush is crap as well. 

5.  Mechanical Eyelash Curler

Eyelash Curler
There's actually alot of good reviews on them but I really do not like them cos they are kinda big for my small asian lids. So this makes getting my lashes curled a very tough process. Well, though many people like them, this is sadly a MISS for me.

Finally, this wraps up my Hits & Misses post of ELF products. It's a very long post and I hope this is helpful and u guys are not bored reading it. Let me know if you are interested in any other information. 

U can also check out the link below for their website:

Have a lovely day!

P/S: E.L.F is having 50% off All Minerals which ends on 27 September!



  1. I have been waiting for this blog post. Best post EVER! You do such an awesome job at reveiwing products. :)

  2. heyy, i totally agree with the brushes part. i lovee love the eyeshadow brush but the bronzing/blush brush is just disappointing. some the the bristles constantly falls off during application. so annoying.

    the eyelid curler worked soo well on me! i must say the first time was like a complete fail and i didn't use it for a while but after giving 2nd chances and experimenting a bit, it really wasn't bad.

    ps, i love this post! =)) its much easier to get a feel of the brand all in one post =) and will u be pitching into the minerals?



  3. Mara - OMGosh...thanks for being sooooo sweet! =)

    Jayce - Guess i better give the eyelash curler a second chance. Haha...the last time i used it, it kinda chopped off some on my lashes. =( Won't be trying out the minerals anytime soon. Gotta get my Project 10 Pan done first. =)


  4. I am in love with the Blush and Bronzer powder already.

  5. thank you so much for the reviews :) i can't wait for my elf orders~ *excited* :D

  6. Great review! I've Been wanting to get E.L.F products 8D

  7. Girlie Blog - Glad that u're in love with the blush too! =)

    Locke - Omgosh..U placed an order? I can't wait for u to do a haul post!

    Dizzy - Thanks babe! Hope u'll like their product when u try them out. =)


  8. Great review! I have never seen a blush and bronzer together! I thought it was a pretty eye shadow!

  9. Thanks dear! U should try the bronzer and blush duo out. They are very pretty! =)


  10. hi i just followed you :)

    i love the bronzer & blush duo!!! I got the studio line brush brush set and I am actually loving it!!

    Elf's Waterproof Eyeliner Pen was a total MISS for me too

    oh well..they're only a few dollars

  11. Hi Ms. Kimchi, thanks so much for following. I love the studio brushes as well. Most of them work so well.


  12. Do you have a photo of your lips with the Goddess lip gloss on? I actually purchased a few lip glosses myself last night.^_^ I didn't purchase the Goddess one though.

  13. MSodapop - I will be posting that up soon. But i would say I really like that color.



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