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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Review: Drugstore Liquid Eyeliner

Hi everyone, I've been using the Loreal Lineur Intense liquid eyeliner for almost a week now. So I thought I should write a post comparing the drugstore liquid eyeliners I own. If to let me choose only one make up product i think liquid eyeliner will definitely be the one I will choose. I always think that eyeliner is the product that really makes the difference in one's make up especially for Asian gals. Well, but probably not everyone would agree with me on this.

Anyway here's the 3 drugstore liners that I will be comparing,

From top to bottom: Loreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner (Carbon Black), Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner (Absolute Brown), E.L.F Waterproof Eyeliner Pen (Black)

1. Comparing the liner brush

Left to right: E.L.F, Loreal, Rimmel

Among the 3 liner brushes, I really like the Loreal & Rimmel ones mainly caused they are easier to apply on my lids. The E.L.F one is not too bad but sometimes i gotta really tug my lids to get the product on. The Rimmel brush is slightly thicker as compared to the Loreal brush but it's still rather easy to apply as it gives the correct amount of eyeliner for my eyes.

2. Comparing the swatches

Left to right: E.L.F, Loreal, Rimmel

From this picture, it is rather clear who is the winner. Though the E.L.F liner is in black, it appears to be very sheer. True enough, the real application on my eyes is the same. I gotta go back and forth and line my eyes a few times to get a real black application. The Loreal one is good but I still find myself going back and lining a second time to get a really black effect. Not sure whether it's clear in the picture, but the Rimmel liner is really good. I only need to apply once to get the color I want on my lids.

3. The smudge test

Left to right: E.L.F, Loreal, Rimmel

Anyway i think it's rather clear who's the winner for this smudge test. Both E.L.F and Rimmel smudge after I used my fingers to rub them. Loreal stay the same as before. Another thing that i should really warn you guys is that the Rimmel eyeliner kinda sting my lids slightly whenever i apply them but it will only sting for a few seconds.

All 3 liners can be easily removed with a wet q-tips (though E.L.F one claim to be waterproof, it definitely is not).

As for the price, E.L.F eyeliner is the cheapest among three but it's still a waste of money since it doesn't really work. The Rimmel eyeliner comes in second and is slightly cheaper as compared to the Loreal one.

Overall, I think I will definitely repurchase the Rimmel and Loreal eyeliners. I think they work really well for their price.

What is your favorite drugstore eyeliner?
Let me know in the comments. =)



  1. I don't use a liquid eyeliner; I've always used a pencil eyeliner (MAC - Industrial)

    but your blog about these liquid eyeliners was very helpful because i've been thinking of switching for a very long time. I've used liquid many times in the past but I've always "preferred" a pencil or a gel eyeliner.

    Is liquid your favorite method?



  2. Hey Kailey,
    Liquid liner is my favorite among all the liners. But recently I've been enjoying the E.L.F cream eyeliner as well though I'm still not that good at it. Been thinking to get MAC fluidline for a change after i finish the liquid liners.


  3. i don't use liquid liner,my favorite is gel liner

  4. Hey Beautylicieuse, thanks for dropping by! So far i have only tried gel liner by Kate, it's a Japanese brand. But it's a shame that it dried up on me after 2 months. I was pretty disappointed. I'm planning to get the MAC fluidline. Hope it will let me have a change of mind to gel liners.


  5. i agree liner can enhance your look its a must on my everyday makeup! and great review! i'll purchase loreal's eyeliner now haha.
    i also purchased l.a's liquid eyeliner.. if you have that brand where you live DO NOT buy it. it sucks times a million! and it actually stings my eyes? lmao. the formula is strong i guess :S

  6. Hi Donna, thanks for dropping by. Haha..the Rimmel liner stings my eyes slightly as well..LOL =)


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