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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Current Addiction #1: Facial Masks featuring My Beauty Diary Masks

Hi guys, I decided to start a current addiction tag post every now and then just to keep u guys updated with the latest makeup/skincare/random stuff that I'm into.

For a start, I shall show u guys some products that I got in the MAIL yesterday (Opps...P10Pan seems so far away from completion). I'm currently in the 'Addicted to Facial Masks' phase mainly cause I got influenced by few skin perfect gal frens who religiously 'perform their mask routine daily if not on alternate days'. In my opinion, it's crazy to do facial mask everyday. But it seems to work well on them.

Before I start rambling further, I'll show u guys the masks which arrived yesterday!

My Beauty Diary Masks

My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask

My Beauty Diary Bulgarian White Rose Mask

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask

My Beauty Diary Sake Yeast Mask

My Beauty Diary Q10 Rejuvenating Mask

I only ordered 5 masks to test it out caused I've read reviews that some people experienced breakouts after using this mask. So, though I'm very excited to try them out, I'm also very skeptical about them.

Well, I will try out the mask tonight & hopefully it will serve me magically!

~Fingers Crossed~

P/S: Reviews on the masks will be up soon.



  1. they look interesting! i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you too! :D

    <3, Mimi

  2. i love your look! i can't guess that you used elf.they're nice! thumbs up on your makeup~ i super like it! oh,can't wait for your masks reviews ^^ excited :)

  3. Hi Mimi, I've tried out one of the mask.'s not too bad.. will post up reviews soon! Thanks for the sweet comment.

    Hi Locke thanks for the lovely comment. Will be posting up the review really soon. =)


  4. These masks do sound great!:D *Fingers crossed!*

    ***** Marie *****

  5. Was addicted to those masks too! If you really love them you should try the new items that are out from MBD! It's called faceQ! They are really lovely!

  6. Hi Marie, thanks for dropping by! =)

    Hi Dolce Bunny, I'll go look out for those masks. Tried out the mask and though not too bad but i'm spotting abit of red bumps. I wonder wut's the reason. Think i'll try out another few before deciding whether i like them. Thanks for the recommendation.

    U gals are awesome!


  7. i've always wanted to try these !! review review !

  8. Hi Siwing, thanks for following! I've just reviewed the masks. Do check out the post! =)

    Have an awesome day!



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