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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review: My Beauty Diary Sake Yeast Mask & Black Pearl Mask

So I decided to use up the remaining mask which I bought back then from my My Beauty Diary Mask Haul cos my face is in this total mess now due to very little sleep and too much caffeine over the past week. I was pretty skeptical this time around cos of what happened back then. But... since my skin is already in a horrible condition, I figured tht there was nothing much to lose. 
 Surprisingly, this time...I am impressed and totally sold! 

Sake Yeast Mask
 My Beauty Diary Sake Yeast Mask claims to whitens and gives a clear and smooth skin. Among all the mask I hauled, this is the one I am most skeptical about since sake is known to be pretty strong to the skin (the instruction on the packaging even suggest sensitive skin ppl to go thru skin testing before using). Furthermore with the experience of the last few which broke me out really badly, I was kinda afraid that my skin will get instant red bumps this time.

But I put them on still since I'm so brave and couldn't care much about my already horrendous skin. 

After 30 minutes of applying them (falling asleep in btw cos of the cool and nice sensation since I took it out from the fridge), I woke up to remove the mask and wash off the remaining essence from my face. I was pretty sure that I will already have red bumps on my face but when I checked the mirror...


My skin was brighter and it feels soft and firm!!! No RED BUMPS and NO IRRITATION! Even some of the redness from my existing bumps are lighter....
 ~twirling ard in euphoria~

I now love the Sake Yeast Mask to the maximum!!! I also tried the Black Pearl Mask today and the result is pretty good as well. No red bumps and my skin feels less dull and firmer after this mask too... Woohoo!!

Black Pearl Mask
I think I'm going to get more of this 2 masks from the stores to prep my skin so that it will be glowing during Christmas. It's amazing how they worked so well. As for the others...I'm planning to stay away from them for the time being or indefinitely..

Maybe till I muster enough courage to give them a chance..I might try them out again just to confirm whether it my skin acting crazy back then or it's the mask! 

Happy Wednesday!



  1. i love red wine and Q10, Natto from MBD range :)

  2. Great review! I think I might have an incentive to try those masks now :)

  3. wow both masks sound really cool. i like the idea of a brightening mask. where did you buy them?

  4. great review! glad its working out for you =D

    i'm placing an order for MBD when i get back from vacation =D

  5. Thanks for the review, i still have a box full which is untouched! looking at your positive reviews, motivate me to use it :D

  6. Sounds like you great results. I want to try the beauty diary masks b/c I've heard so much about them.

  7. Jennifer- I tried Natto and Q10 but those broke me out really badly.. :( I wish that all would work for me though..

    Musicalhouses- Gotta be careful though...for me not every mask in their range worked...

    Alicia- I bought them off online..but it's also available in my local drugstore :)

    Siwing- I was so happy when i din break out from it..haha..I hope it will work well for u as well

    Jess- I hate it when they have promotion on the box with various type inside at guardian/watson..I can't use all of them :( It's so sad..

    Mara- U should totally try them out! Many ppl had great results from them but I broke out from some gotta be careful...


  8. I had experience of getting the imitation products from online purchase. Since then I only buy it from Guardian, lol..

    I didn't see much result from using it, maybe because I didnt use it continuously.. but definitely a good mask to use for the price we pay =D

  9. Fruity Puplicious- U gotta be really careful when purchasing online...there's so much imitation out's still safer to get it from guardian though..haha...I used it back to back for 2 days..mayb tht's the reason I see results.. :)


  10. I totally got the Black Pearl mask b/c of your review! I'm thinking of getting the white pearl mask too...I want to do a comparison ^^ Have you tried both of them~?

  11. Haven't tried them out before...Might be going to the stores to get them but so far i tried nato, Q10 and apple. This 3 worked badly for me...hmmm...i need another mask haul! =P

  12. I'm so happy you have some of the MBD masks work out for you~! Do you think caused acne from overusing too often? My order of them came in a few days, but I've been intimidated/slightly worried for my acne prone skin. Thank you !
    Great review ! ^^


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