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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review: Bebe Poshe Perfect Concealer

Thought I would share a review of a new concealer I recently purchased. The brand is called Bebe Poshe and it originated from Taiwan. Bebe Poshe has a rather interesting background as it was founded/inspired by four very famous and lovely Taiwan socialites. And for all who are not aware, Taiwan socialites are pretty well known for their perfect skin, makeup and sense of fashion.

Intrigued by their rather famous founders, I kinda rush out and went all the way to the nearest drugstore that carried this brand after reading about it on one of the local blogger's blog. The store I visited was the Watsons at Forum Galleria (way out of the way for me considering I went there on national day and the store was closing and I gave the store assistant my 'puppy eye/desperate' look to be allowed in). However, I was pretty disappointed when I saw the products, how it was displayed, the price and the range available, just did not appeal much to me. Well, except for this concealer I bought of cos.

I think they did a good job on the packaging. The packaging is rather girly and pink and really gave out the 'Socialite/名媛' type of vibe but the real thing that really caught my attention and brought me to purchase it was that this concealer came in two shades well maybe partly was becos I was too shy to walk out empty handed, perfect for spots and under eye concealing.

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the product though. The texture of the concealer is creamy and easy to work/blend with. It wasn't cakey and was able to cover up my spots well without looking unnatural. The product also came with a brush but I'm not too intrigued by it as I usually prefer a fluffier brush or my finger to do the job.

L to R: Bebe Poshe (Darker shade), Bebe Poshe (Lighter Shade), MAC Studio Finish Concealer (NC30)

However the downside is this concealer is only suitable to certain skin color ppl as it only comes in one type/shade. To give you a better idea of the color, I decided to swatch it along with my MAC studio finish concealer in NC30.  My MAC concealer tends to be more on the yellow side while Bebe Poshe is more on the pink/neutral side.

Quality wise, I think this has a comparable texture to the MAC studio finish. Again, both color is very creamy and very easy to blend/work with. But another downside I must mention is that I find this product not as long lasting as the MAC concealer.

The retail price of the product is at SG$24.90. Going back to the point that I find the whole range to be expensive is because a normal MAC concealer cost SG$30 with 7g of product while this concealer only came with 3.5g of product.

As for whether I would recommend the product, I think if you have a rather extensive range of concealers, you probably can pass for this. However, if you are a beginner and you love Asian make up, this would be a brand worth checking out.


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