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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Swatches: Sleek Original Palette

I've owned this palette for quite some time now. Since I have not been wearing any eye makeup this year, it kinda held me back in swatching/reviewing this palette. I know many might say that it is totally fine to just swatch them but I always felt that if I have not tried the product at least once then I can't really give an accurate accoun of the palette. 

So pardon me for that, this post will only be focusing on the swatches and my first impressions of the palette.

As with the name of the brand, this packaging of the palette is a really "sleek" black casing. However, the downside of this (like MAC's palette) is that it gets stains really easily. Being slightly OCD, sometimes it drives me nuts to see stains on all my black casing products.

First impressions:
Albeit the fallout (which can be solve by applying a good base/primer on the eyes), the colors are really pigmented with soft and smooth texture. I like how all colors (except the black) are with shimmery finish. Totally can imagine myself wearing them out for party at night. I bought this from the Superdrug at Oxford Street, London at £6.49 and I think it is really a money well spent product.

I was checking out sleek makeup's website and found out that they came out with new line of pout paint (dupe of OCC lip tar?). Seems like a pretty interesting product and it's on my next shopping list. =)

What are your favorites from Sleek?



  1. lovely! i'm going to include this on my wishlist :D thanks for sharing the pics and swatches :D

  2. I just loveee Sleek palettes <3 This one's surely on my wishlist!!!
    Thanks for the swatches honey :)

  3. i have this pallet and love it you'll have so much fun !!

  4. Always wanted to try Sleek products! Super affordable too~


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