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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ramblings: Best of 2010

Happy New Year everyone! Hope that 2011 have been treating you well so far. =)

I was contemplating about what to write for my very first blog post for this spanking new year. Then it hit on me that I haven't done a "Best of 2010" post. I saw this post on other beauty blog and I really enjoyed reading them. So I did some mind searching and here's a list of best products for 2010 (purely my opinion and in no particular order).
Urban Decay Naked Palette

Sadly, I still can't get my hands on this palette. I'm sure that u would agree with me that this is one of the hottest product in 2010. The colors are beautiful, pigmented and versatile. Whether it's a subtle day look or a smokey night look, u can achieve both easily by using this palette. It's awesome!

MAC Venomous Villains Collection

The only thing I can say is I regret not getting more from this collection! Rawr...

Eco Tools Brushes
The brushes from this brand is soooooo soft and it their face brushes or eye brushes, all are surprisingly of good quality...
and best of all, they are cruelty free!

Kao's Biore Makeup Removers
This brilliant product made make up removing a hassle free step. =) Not to mention, they are soo freaking affordable.

Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics (ELF)

Good quality products at affordable prices! Tht's the first phrase that came into my mind whenever ELF is mentioned.  But do beware becos their products are hits and misses. I personally recommend their studio line brushes. They are mostly hits!

Yves Saint Laurent's Gloss Volupte

I'm aware that this product get alot of mixed reviews among the beauty community. I personally love them for their moisturizing texture and smell. But I do have to agree that the price is kinda crazy.

St. Ives Facial Masks
Cheap and works amazingly!

Etude House's Nail Polishes

I love affordable and good quality products! And this is definitely one of them. 

There u go! My list of products I absolutely love for 2010. Will be blogging about my 2011 wishlist soon. 
Stay Tune! =)



  1. I got the NAKED palette for christmas, I feel so lucky T3T I missed out on the venomous villains though!! I have never tried Biore, I might look them up if they are good make up removers!

    Kitty x

  2. i love ecotools !

    is that biore product only found in japan ?

  3. Great post! I definitely need to get my hands on the naked pallette, it looks gorgeous. I love all St Ives products, am using the exfoliating scrub and its perfect! xx

  4. Great top picks, I see some of my favorite products also! :D

  5. Thank you, i will definitely look for that foundation :)

  6. I am still looking for the Urban Decay palette as well!!Good luck to you!!

  7. Kitty- omg..u're soo lucky to get the naked palette. I have been searching up and down for it but it's always OOS. Happy New Year! =D

    Siwing- It's actually available in the States too. But I heard that u can only get it at stores which sells Asian products.

    Danni- totally true! St. Ives products are just so value for money. =)

    Nikka- thanks babe! =D Happy new year!

    Christine- np gal! =)

    A Shine Bunny- Good luck! Omg...i wonder when will it be in stock again.

  8. happy new year!!

    i bought my naked pallette in Late November from this site... and I am in love!

    its not in stock now but keep checking as I know that they re-stock regularly!!


  9. Kim- Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing the information. It is really helpful. I have been searching up and down for it for the longest time! =D


  10. Dear Naked Palette, one day you'll be mine!!
    I got that St-Ives Mask due to you by the way! I can't wait to try it :)
    And I wish I could try those cool asian brands.. So many of them look wonderfull!



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