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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Swatches: YSL Ombres Quadrilumieres

Yves Saint Laurent have always been a brand that I adore not only due its amazing designs in their couture but also their amazingly sleek, gorgeous and attention to detail packaging that they have for their makeup line. I've been very hesitant to show the swatches for this palette since they are not available on the web site anymore. The new palette available is a rocker chic type of quad which u can find it here.

Anyway, the palette which I'm swatching today is the Yves Saint Laurent Ombres Quadrilumieres 4 Colour Harmony For Eyes in 8BB. Though the color in this palette is really lovely and all, they do come with an extrently pricy tag of $54. So unless any of the following happens, I'm pretty sure I will never be able to afford their palettes with my student pockets.
  • I suddenly got rich and have plenty of money to spare on makeup
  • YSL palettes went on crazy sale
And in this case, I got this palette due to reason #2.

One would think that at such crazy price tag, the eye shadows would be of extremely high quality. But it is very much the opposite case for this palette. Not all colors are as pigmented as I wished and there are some fall outs with the shadows as well. I find that the dark brown swatched on the far right is tougher to work with while the white highlight is the most pigmented of all. My second favorite color after the white highlight would be the pink shadow. It is really the perfect lid color for my yellow undertone skin color!

Though the quality of the eyeshadow is not as good as I wish, I still love the color combination and the packaging. I also think this is perfect size for any travels since the palette itself is quite compact and do come with a handy mirror. So, if any of the palettes go on a crazy sale again, I would still purchase it.

Have u tried any palettes from YSL? If you had, what do u think about them?



  1. it's pretty indeed but the pricetag is steep. and also.. for colors that is not that pigmented ? i'm gonna skip =S

    thanks for the review!

  2. Siwing- Haha...I bought it at more than half price off during a sales. So It was still okay. =) normal situation, I would skip it for sure.


  3. Im surprised how sheer the pigmentation is. I would expect really pigmented colours for such an expensive line. Im glad you still can find some use from it and like it.

  4. Thanks for the honest review and pictures. I'm sorry about the poor pigmentation!

    ***** Marie *****

  5. Alicia- I was pretty surprised by the quality too. Haha..but I adore the packaging!

    Marie- Glad u like the review. I think it's really important to swatch at the stores first before purchasing any YSL eyeshadows in future.



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