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Monday, January 10, 2011

Review: Hada Labo Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask

I finally tried out this sheet mask that has been sitting in my fridge for over a month. This mask came along as a free gift along with the moisturizing lotion which I hauled not too long ago.

According to the description, this mask is suppose to give intense/extreme moisture to the skin leaving it to be soothed, revitalized and more resilient. It is also suppose to replenish dehydrated skin. Like its same range moisturizing cream, this mask is free of fragrances, mineral oil and colorant.

Directions of Use:
1. Apply moisturizing lotion after cleansing face
2. Place mask over face for 10-15 minutes (I like to apply my masks for 20-30 mins)
3. Remove mask and massage remaining essence till thoroughly absorbed

What I like:
-Easy to use
-Instant results; skin is softer, brighter, hydrated

What I dislike:
-Pricey; I think it's around RM 9/piece of mask

When I applied this mask, my face was in dire need of moisture after a long week of sleep deprivation. Hence, the results was instantaneous. My face was brighter, softer and more moisturized after the mask. I don't have much complain except that I think this mask is slightly pricey as compared to other masks available in the market (My Beauty Diary, Deary etc.).

I definitely recommend this for those with dehydrated skin. The hydrating effect is instantaneous. However, if you are looking for a mask that gives more effect such as whitening, firming etc.; this mask might not be the right one for u.

Overall Rating: 

Will I repurchase?
I would stock up a few pieces just for days when I need to pull a few all nighters. But I won't incorporate it into my weekly mask routine due to the price and lack of extra effects. I always like masks with effects such as brightening, firming, whitening.  

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Happy Monday!



  1. I really love the hada labo series but I haven't tried this mask before! Will love to purchase some of these to try them! Thanks for the review~!

  2. Thanks for the review! I've just tried their makeup remover, it's pretty good!

    Thanks for commenting on my La Mer post. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I've just got back from holiday. The blush I'm using in the pics is MAC beauty powder in Oh So Fair. (LE Villians as well as A Tartan Tale).

  3. I really want to try one of these face masks. Ive seen a lot of posts about them but have no idea where to find one myself.

  4. Dolce Bunny- I love their range of products too! Affordable yet great quality. =) Thanks for dropping by!

    Penelope- Np with the comment. =D I love reading all ur make up posts. Hope u had a good holiday and I love ur new post. =D

    Alicia- I guess it's not tht common to get it in western countries. U can try ebay or sasa. They shuld carry it. =D



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