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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Decluttering My Makeup

To tell you the honest trust, I've been dreading to declutter my makeup collection for the longest time. But since I've been on a kick with streamlining my living area as a whole (hello to 2015 goals), my makeup and beauty collection are areas that I simply could not go on ignoring given that they actually takes up quite abit of space in my life.

And after few hours of my hard work, here are things that I am letting go from my collection.

Given how sensitive my lips are, as well as how lazy I am generally with touching up after meals, I've never really been a lipstick kinda girl. So when it comes to decluttering, I was pretty sure this would be the category where I would find the most products to let go off. This time round, I'm letting go off the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Airy Fairy, Revlon Colorburst in Soft Nude, Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait, NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors in Pumpkin Pie and Circe. As much as I still enjoy the products, I just don't wear them as often and lipsticks generally seem to be one of the first products to go bad.

The next few products are going to come as a surprise since I'm such a big fan of face products. But due to this same reason, I have the tendency to hoard face makeup and really go all out in search of the perfect foundation / base and often ended up with products that simply did not work out for me. From Maybelline, I am letting go of the Dream Satin Liquid and Dream Matte Mousse. The Dream Satin Liquid worked pretty well as a light & dewy foundation but I just don't seem to find myself gravitating towards it since I spend so much time at work and coverage / longevity are very important for me. On the other hand, there is the Dream Matte Mousse, which frankly I simply did not like it at all. I have never reviewed the product here before, but I find it hard to blend in to my skin and somehow my skin tone just looks uneven thereafter.

Rachel K CC Cream and mini trio set of L'egere BB Cream are also products that I'm letting go this time. For the Rachel KK CC Cream, I must say that it is one of the worst Asian bb / cc cream that I've ever tried. The color tone was off despite the fact that I bought the Neutral shade, the oil control was off - simply, just everything on my expectation list was a miss for this. On the other hand, while I did truly enjoy the L'egere BB Cream (i.e. coverage, texture, color) but they broke me out. So in short, I couldn't use them at all.

Final product that I am letting go off this time is the Bebe Poshe Perfect Concealer. I did enjoy this product as you can see how much I have finished up one side of it. I am letting go of it simply because the other shade did not work for me at all and also it started drying up after I sort of broke the cover.

This concludes my round 1 of makeup decluttering. I find this whole streamlining / decluttering process to be rather refreshing in my life. Have you tried decluttering lately?



  1. *clap clap*
    Well done! I did a declutter session last night as well and threw out quite a bit, mostly cream blushes that have been sitting there collecting I don't know how many germs inside -_- and some eyeshadows. Did a lipstick declutter some time ago as well so I don't have that many to throw out. Gave away products that are in good condition that I don't want too. Pheww, I must say, it feels good!

    1. Hi Ash, thanks for dropping by! And well done to you too on the decluttering session.. glad that you felt good about it as well! :)


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