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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Share the Love: Favorite Reads of the Week #4

Happy weekend folks! I’m excited to share some of my recent favourite reads. 

Photo Credits to World of Wanderlust

I’ve been really enjoying various travel blogs of late. After the last “Share the Love (STL)” post featuring LegalNomads, I have since widened my travel reading horizon and discovered the World of Wanderlust by Brooke Saward. Brook truly takes some amazing travel photos that could draw the wanderlust out of anyone and I sincerely admire her courage in taking long term solo travels around the world.

Photo Credits to The Sunday Girl

On the beauty end of the spectrum, I’m addicted to The Sunday Girl. She is one of the most consistent beauty bloggers and you can always expect a daily post from her rain or shine. Her pictures are amazing as well and you can always trust her blog for the latest product reviews or features. 

Photo Credits to Paper & Glam

Other than beauty & travel, a new found hobby of mine is planning. I find the whole planning process to be extremely therapeutic and a brain dump is perfect for days when I am feeling overwhelmed at work or with life.  One of the few blogs that I enjoy reading of late in the planner community is Paper & Glam by Lisamarie. I often draw my planner decorating inspiration from her and love how creative she is with her own planner setup. If you are a fan of “planner-ing”, definitely drop by her blog for some inspirations. 

What are the blogs that you’ve been enjoying lately? I’d love to find out and explore more good reads.


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