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Monday, September 5, 2011

Review: Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit.

I gotta admit that I'm slacking off from keeping up with posting reviews on this blog. Whilst I've made many efforts in the past few months in blogging, it's still kinda tough for me to get thru this transitional period from student to work life. So, I hope that for those who visits this blog often, please do bear with my lack of reviews and replies in comments.

Back to the main topic today before I start lamenting bout life. I bought this MUFE sculpting kit few months ago and had been wanting to share my thoughts on this for the longest time. I bought this from Sephora at SG$60, a pretty hefty price tag in my opinion.

First off, the packaging. I guess u would have noticed this is slightly different from the usual packaging, where the normal ones come with clear covers. I was pretty surprised at check out too but since this was the last one available probably an older stock?, I bought it anyway. However, I still wish I've gotten the clear cover ones since the black packaging tends to get dusts and powders stains really easily.

The sculpting kit is available in 4 different shades and like all of MUFE's products, they go by numbers instead of an actual name. The shade I'm in is #1. I like how the product comes with a shading powder and highlighting powder. Being a person who travels pretty often, this is a really handy kit to bring along. Not to mention that it's very compact; great to chuck in makeup bags while u're on the go.

The main reason I was attracted by this product is cos of the matte shading powder. I'm a huge advocate for contouring and highlighting, and the matte powder is just great for me to make my face more dimensional. Pigmentation wise, I would say that both shading and highlighting powder in the kit have really great color pay off. But one thing that I really dislike is that becos the powder is so finely milled, they tend to have a lot of fall outs. As for the highlighting side, I really don't care much about it since its kinda pink/porcelain shade, which in my opinion doesn't look too good on my skin tone.

L to R: ELF Bronzing Powder, Bourjois Delice De Poudre, MUFE bronzing powder, MUFE highlighting powder

To give a better idea of the shade, I decided to swatch it next to Bourjois and ELF bronzing powder. As you can see, the MUFE bronzing powder (described as tan on the website), has more reddish brown undertone to it. And, it is easily the most pigmented of the group.

Though I like the product and its concept, I wouldn't recommend it to everyone since the product is way too pricey for its worth. U basically get only 5.5g of each sides and with the amount of fall outs, I think this will be gone in no time. Also, I believe that there are plenty of cheaper options available in the market.

Bottom line: Would I repurchase?


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