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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review: Creamery Creek Goat Milk Soaps

So aside from obsessing over beauty products, I am also a big fan of handcrafted bath and body products. Remember some time back when I did a haul on Nikory Bath Treats and Haus of Gloi? Well since then, I had also hauled from another few handmade soaps websites, with one being Creamery Creek Goat Milk soaps.

Creamery Creek soaps are produced in a farm owned by the Shumway family in Lindon, Utah. The farm has been raising goats for about 25 years now and making goat milk soaps for almost 12 years. Their website offers both scented and unscented soaps. According to your liking, one could also choose between fragrance oil or essential oil soaps. 

I had a really good experience with Shelley, the owner of the website. Prior to purchasing, I dropped her few emails enquiring about the soaps. She was extremely helpful and prompt in providing the information I needed and the payment and shipping went smoothly and very quickly. I received the products about 2 weeks after making my payment. 

I hauled a total of 7 bars of different scented fragrance oil soaps. Along with my order, Shelley had generously threw in another 2 pieces of good size soaps. Sadly, I do not have the pictures of all the soaps to show here since I've finished using up few bars and left the rest back home as I'm currently away abroad for work (I brought few bars for use here, teehee). 

Unlike any other fancy handcrafted soaps that I've tried, Creamery Creek soaps are relatively lightly scented. You can definitely smell the fragrance, yet at the same time it is not overpowering, which really suits my liking. Each soap is nicely wrapped in a wax paper and comes with a wrapper stating the name of the soap as well as it's ingredients. They also come with different engravings which are really add points visually.  

Left: Bulgaria White Rose, Right: Summer Strawberry
All of the soaps which I've hauled comes in a hard bar format that can be easily cut into smaller pieces with a warm knife. Personally, I like to cut them in half so I can switch up different scented soaps frequently according to my mood. My personal favorite so far is Red Clover Tea. 

The current soap that I'm using is the yummy smelling Chocolate Mint in the picture below. :)

Aside from the pleasant scent, the soaps are very gentle to my skin and lathers really well during bath.   I also like that the soaps are in good size and one bar generally last me for about 3 months or slightly more. Though I do not suffer from eczema, I've read that goats milk soaps are quite good for eczema skin or open wounds. However, there are few soaps (Blueberry Scrub) which come with bits in it and I would not recommend them for people with sensitive skin/eczema skin/skin with open wound as they might be quite scratchy. 

I did read from makeup alley that some felt the soap to be drying. But, I have never personally experience that on my combination skin even after using up few bars of soaps. That said, if you are keen on trying out, drop an email to Shelley and she will be able to give you an idea on what is best for your skin. 

Each bar of soap is retailed at US$5.50, with some special ones at a slightly higher price. If you are interested, drop by and visit them at

Have you tried any handcrafted soaps? 

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