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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bath & Body Haul: Nikory Bath Treats

So I finally received my Nikory Bath Treats haul. I am pleasently surprised by all the products that I've received. Thanks Aissa for the lovely packaging as well as going out of the way with the extra goodies!

Upon receiving the parcel (I'm not really sure which day it came in as I was out of the country for work), I already couldn't keep my hands away from the body frosting as well as the really lovely scented hand sanitizer. Just a sneak preview over here, the hand sanitizer is sooooooooooooooo moisturizing...OMG..
A separate review will be featured on this blog soon once I've tried out all the products and cut up my soap bars. Do let me know which product review you would like to see featured first.

Have a good week ahead & Happy Easter!



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