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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Guide to Naruko: am Wakeup Skin Smooth Washing Powder

As opposed to any facial wash I've tried, the Naruko [ampm] am Wakeup Skin Smooth Washing Powder is my very first powder format facial cleanser. I have always been skeptical about such products and by now, you must be wondering why I even bought it in the first place.

Answer is, I got this as a free gift from purchasing the Naruko skin care guide.

According to Naruko's site, this product contains papaya enzyme, vitamin E, bifidus ferment filtrate, micro-dermabrasion crystals and etc. (bunch of stuff in chinese that I don't recognize). The papaya enzyme is said to be able to remove dead skin cells while the microbeads promote cell turnover rate. Both ultimately combats dullness which will lead to a more radiant and healthy complexion.
The method of use is rather straightforward; just pour a walnut size amount of powder to the palm and work out a lather by mixing the powder with a small amount of water. The product is also recommended for use in the morning instead, as it supposedly wakes up the skin.

My 2 cents: 
After consistently using this for a few months, I came to a conclusion that this product this product do works well as a morning cleanser. However, I find that the main 'waking up' factor for my skin is the strong herbal scent rather than any other abovementioned ingredients. I also do agree that it provides gentle exfoliation and brightens up my skin, especially on days that I'm deprived of sleep.

Yet, this is one of those cleansers that I find myself rarely reaching out for on my bathroom counter (I prefer the rose & botanic aqua cubic cleanser). Main reason is that I find that it can be a lil' drying for my liking (I have combination skin type) and the strong herbal scent sometimes gets to my nerve.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this as a must try among all the different cleansers by Naruko. Especially for those with dry skin, you might want to get a sample before buying the product.


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  1. Thanks for sharing..Was undecided what cleanser I shall go for on Naruko cleansers..Guess I'll try out the Rose & Botanic one :)


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