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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Review: Caudalie Vinoperfect Cell Renewal Night Cream

** This is going to be a long post **

Over the past few months, I've been obsessed with Caudalie's product. Prior before delving into the brand, I tried researching on various products offered by the brand. To my surprise, aside from the coveted Caudalie Beauty Elixir, I wasn't able to find that many dedicated reviews of their products. 

Since Caudalie offers a holistic range of products catering to different skin types, concerns and age groups,  I found it pretty overwhelming to navigate through the sea of products. I know by heart that in most cases like this, I would often end up utterly confused buying nothing or getting everything wrong if I opt out for hours of thorough research. Hence, I thought I would start documenting my little experimenting journey here, and hope that this will help anyone who is interested in trying out the brand.

Caudalie is a natural and paraben free skincare which originates from France. The ingredients used in most of its product lines are mainly vine and grape extracts and include some patented active ingredients such as polyphenols, grape seed oil, organic grape water, vinolevure, viniferine, resveratrol-oleyl. The benefits of each ingredients can be found on their website, if you are keen on understanding more. 

Based on my interpretation of the products available, they can be split into three broad categories

1. Basic products - Cleansers, Toners
2. Weekly/every other day skin treats - Exfoliators, Masks
3. Targeted treatments - Serum, Moisturizer, Sunscreen

The targeted treatments comes in 6 ranges, each catering to a specific skin concern:

(i) Anti-aging: Vinexpert 
(ii) Anti-wrinkle: Pulpe Vitaminee
(iii) Ultimate anti-aging: Premier Cru
(iv) Brightening: Vinoperfect
(v) Hydrating: Vinosource
(vi) For young skin: Premieres Vendanges

So, enough of the introduction and let's get into the product.

I bought the Caudalie Vinoperfect Cell Renewal Night Cream back in November last year and had been using it for a good 4 months now. The product at a high level is to refine skin texture and detoxify. It consists of Viniferine, an active ingredient claimed as the most effective natural molecule in against dark spots and creating radiant complexion. Impressive huh? The website also claims that the benefits of the product includes:

1. "Stimulates cell renewal to reduce pores, correct dark spots and smooth out imperfections"
2. "Makes the skin smooth, even and radiant upon waking, causing complexion looking fresh and rested"

During my 4 months of experience, I would say that I am pretty much completely agreeable with Point 2. Amazingly, I noticed that my skin always look better (even and well rested) the morning after if I had applied this the night before. However, the effect would usually be gone by midday once I start getting stressed at work (Well, happiness is indeed the best skin elixir).

As for point 1, I'm only partially agreeable to it. Reason being, while I did notice a more refined pore size and skin texture, I did not experience the correction of dark spots, which sadly was the main reason that drawn me to purchase the product in the first place. That said, I do find that the product did effectively fade out pimple spots for me, while my dark spots still look pretty much the same as when I started.

Texture wise, the product comes in a cream form that is not as runny/creamy as other night creams I've tried. I usually apply a tad bit to the 5 points on my face before massaging it in. Though I think that it does provide enough moisture, I do wish that it comes in an even more creamy texture. As far as the scent goes, most if not all of Caudalie's products come in a herbal/plant like scent which I personally find it very pleasant.

Overall, I would say that this is a good to have product in my nightly routine but I wouldn't classify it as a holy grail. On whether it is a must try? I would say that if are big fan of natural product and have more budget for night cream, you can consider giving this a go.

The product can be found in Sasa Malaysia and Sephora Singapore (SG$ 67).


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