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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Swatches: Stila Marrakesh Eye Shadow Quad (Les 4 Ombres)

I'm still in process of tabulating the list of entries for my giveaway, but I'm estimating that the results should be out by tomorrow. The postage will only be done a few days later as I will be traveling out of the country again on Monday for work. 

Back to my main subject today! It's been quite some time since I own the Stila Marrakesh eye shadow quad and I'm so sorry that the swatches is only up now. I also did an eye look with this quad today and I was quite pleased with the results. 

The colors in this quad are really versatile and can be used for both day and night look. I bought this from Smoochiezz's showroom at SG$18.00. I love the packaging which it came in; the detailed flower print and Stila's brand name embossed on the cover of the metal box looks both cute and sophisticated. As I do travel on a regular basis, the size of this quad is ideal to be packed into my travel makeup bag. However, I do find that few of the eyeshadow pans is pretty loose and tend to fall out of place if i flipped over with the cover opened. 

Colors from L to R swatched according to position in pan clockwise from top left to btm right

I find that the colors in the quad are pigmented except for the one on the btm right. The downside to the eyeshadows are that they tend to have more fallout if compared to the Urban Decay eyeshadows. And like I mentioned, I love the combination of colors in this quad. Initially I was wondering why the absence of a proper highlight, but after doing a look with it today, I find that the top left color totally rock on my skin as a really nice and glowy highlight.

I must say I am impressed with the staying power of the eyeshadows. However, I highly suspect this is due to the combination of MAC paint pot as a base. I am totally loving MAC's soft ochre paint pot, which I will do a review in a separate post.

Overall Ratings:
(I took off some points mainly cos I still find this palette to be on a rather pricey side.)

Hope u're having a great weekend!

P/S: I will try my best to reply comments as and when I have the free time...Life's been still kinda hectic now.. =(



  1. I LOVE the gold-color! WOAH so pretty! *_*

  2. I've been wanting this palette fior quite sometimes now and It was hard to look at the colour from the internet! Now I have a reason to purchase this :) thanks for the swatches :)

  3. You are waay too nice to Stila! I have the stila color wheel and it's terrible! I found the trick to keeping stila shadows on is with eye primer+NYX milk jumbo pencil+then apply stila eyeshadow. Also makes the colors more vibrant on the eyelid.

  4. Really lovely shades :) I can imagine wearing these on a daily basis!

  5. 나니 - Me too! I love the maroon color as well! Great for outer corner..

    Kristy- =)

    Yomi- I did hear alot of bad comments about the sigma color wheel, not too sure how bad that was, but this quad turns out to be pretty decent except of cos the last color on the btm right which is less pigmented than others. And I 100% second about having a base for more vibrant color payout..

    Rainy Days and Lattes- Yup...this quad is really wearable during the day... =)



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