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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Current Addiction #3: LoveMore Sheet Masks

I have a rather hellish schedule at the moment, traveling frequently and working late can be really exhaustive especially for my skin. And from personal experience, masks are the best way to save tired skin, particularly sheet masks which are easy to bring along and put on for a quick skin recharge I am lazy and I know..LOL.

As u ladies would prolly remember, I featured the Deary Sheet Masks in my recent February Favorites. But since I've moved to Singapore, I've wasn't into buying the same brand as they are pretty pricey here. So with that in mind, I went exploring in Watsons for 'cheaper alternatives'. That was when I stumbled upon the LoveMore masks.

Priced at SG$7.80 per pack of 5 sheets of mask, they are one of the most attractively packaged among the cheaper brands that I found.

LoveMore Diamond Super White Mask

The one which I bought recently is the LoveMore Diamond Super White Mask. I bought it 2 days ago and have been using them daily (2 times to be exact). This mask is said to have brightening, nourishing and revitalizing effects. True to what it claims, I find that the most effective function of this mask is that it instantly brightens my skin after each use. I was however also looking for moisturizing/hydrating effect but I find this to be less effective as compared to its fellow sister from the same brand.  

Japan pearls firming & whitening mask

Back to the how I fell in love with LoveMore, the first LoveMore mask which I actually tried was the Japan Pearls Firming & Whitening mask. And, I LOVE IT!!!

Though it does not brighten as much as the Diamond Super White mask, the Japan Pearls Firming & Whitening mask definitely hydrates and moisturize my skin more. I really like this mask to the extent that though I'm an ALL TIME big fan of all whitening/brightening products, I have to admit that I actually prefer the Japan Pearls Firming & White mask over the Diamond Super White mask and the reason is that I love how it makes my skin way softer after use.

Again, here's some pictures of the Diamond Super White mask,

The packaging of each mask is also a plus point since it's sooooo cute. I definitely would recommend this product to anyone who's interested in getting a sheet mask. I must say that this brand worked wayyyyyy better for me than My Beauty Diary masks. I will be getting other range from LoveMore, so let me know if you want to have a more detailed review. 



  1. aw the packaging is super cute! isn't it a shame we have to throw them in the garbage after haha

  2. cute packaging. mask are great for a quick pick me up. silk whitia is my fav. better than mbd :)

  3. thnx for the review!!! I love sheet masks and im always looking for cheaper alternatives! i think i ll try the lovemore masks.....i mean the packaging is ubberrrrr cute!!!^_^

  4. The packaging for this product is so cute! Too bad I can't read it >> lol


  5. Aww love the envelope packaging! :)

  6. I love the packaging, so cute!

  7. Thanks everyone for dropping a comment here! Really appreciate it..and sorry for not been keeping up with the comments and blog and all, hopefully i will be more in pace soon.. =)



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