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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Review: Ecotools Retractable Kabuki

A short review on the kabuki brush which I have been using/loving recently!

I bought this kabuki from while it was on 20% sale. In Ringgit terms it only cost about RM36 but during my stay here in Singapore, I saw this brush available at the local Watsons at SG$28++. So yea..I got a really good deal outta it. =)

Some claims at the back of the packaging about this kabuki brush:
-Synthetic Taklon bristles are 100% cruelty-free
-Retractable case is made from recycled aluminium (how cool?)
-Reusable cosmetic pouch (which I don't use)

Ecotools also provided some tip to use:
-Dip in loose or pressed powder and tap off excess. Lightly blend makeup over entire face to create a smooth, soft finish
-Also great for blush and bronzer (totally second this!)

I must stress that I am in love with this brush of its versatility but not so much on the cleansing part though. The design of this brush is really great for traveling and like Ecotools mentioned on the packaging, the design is really compact and can easily slip into any makeup case/handbag.

I would always keep this brush in my bag to use it along with my mineralized skin finish and some blush which I bring along on a daily basis. In my opinion, this brush is really great for touch ups when especially u're always on the go!

The other kabuki brush which I own is the ELF kabuki brush. I did a side to side comparison to let you see the difference. The ELF kabuki brush has a wider diameter compared to the Ecotool one. However, the ELF brush is only good for applying loose powder or setting powder as it is very loosely packed. The Ecotools retractable kabuki on the other hand is more densely packed and is not only great for loose powder but it can also be used for blush and bronzer.

I think the one thing u gotta be careful when applying loose powder with the Ecotools kabuki is that becoz its so densely packed, it is pretty easy to over apply the powder. So always remember to keep a light hand when using this brush. And another downside which is the one I peeved most is that the brush takes really long time to dry completely after wash. So always have a backup kabuki when u wash this brush! =)

Versatile (can be used for powder, blush and bronzer)
Easy to bring along
Doesn't trap dust

Takes VERY long to dry after washing

Overall Rating:



  1. Thanks for this review! I didn't know that Ecotools had a retractable kabuki brush :) I might check to see if it's in stores here in Australia cos it looks good~

  2. I've had this brush for a year or so now and I love it too!! Just so travel friendly! ^^

  3. Jennifer- Np babe! I totally recommend this esp if you are out's really handy

    Crystal Luvz- I'm glad u love it too! =)

    Bhumika- Thanks for dropping by babe! =)


  4. i was actually looking for an affordable kabuki...thnx 4 the review!!!!


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