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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Share The Love: Favorite Reads of The Week #2

Back with a post to share some of my favorite reads that I've been enjoying the past weeks. As you will see from the list, I am pretty obsessed with travel blogs at the moment. They're addictive! 

1. Legal Nomads  

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Legal Nomad is one of the very first few blogs that got me hooked to the travel blogging scene. Jodi's adventure and long form writing style is captivating and I am obsessed with it. One of my favorite page on her site is the travel resources page which is packed with extremely detailed and useful information for people who are keen on going on a round the world adventure.

2. Indiana Jo

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Similar to Legal Nomad, Indiana Jo is written by an ex-lawyer (funny how I love reading their style of writing) turned long term traveler. Jo is extremely honest in her writing of her travel journeys as well as sharing many useful tips for travels. I really enjoyed her recent post about the tips of balancing work and travel at the same time. While long term travel may not be something that I may be doing anytime soon, but it's definitely a bucket list item for me.

3. Rosy Chicc

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 I guess regardless of how obsessed I am lately with long term travel blogs, old habits still die hard and I still can't live without stalking one beauty blog or two. The current blog that I'm reading on a daily basis is RosyChicc.  Not only that Andrea is really gorgeous, I love her picks of products and the pictures on her blog just makes me want to purchase everything, and I mean everything. A very good case in point would be her recent post on the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick which just made the product into my next To-Buy list. 

What are your favorite reads of the week?


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