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Friday, June 28, 2013

Review: Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer

If you still remember this post here, you would know that I have been searching high and low for a face primer in the market since Laura Mercier ingloriously failed me.

While searching for my next Primer in Sephora KLCC, I was presented with the options of Urban Decay, Smashbox, Bare Minerals, Benefit, Too Faced, MUFE and of course Laura Mercier. To be honest, I was pretty tempted to give Laura Mercier another go; since it worked well on my skin, except for the formula separation factor. However, after careful considerations and finally deciding that it wasn't worth the hassle, I settled and brought Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting primer back in my little black Sephora bag. 

Fast forward to almost a month and half later, I have been using the new primer religiously every morning when getting ready for work. Overall, I must say that I am really enjoying the product in almost all aspects set within my expectations for a primer. 

Starting off with the packaging, the product is packed in a plastic bottle which comes with a pump. I couldn't stress how much more convenient this is compared to the other face primers that I have tried so far. Not only that it is more hygienic (comparing to the likes of primers which come in a jar), I am able to accurately control the amount that I need without making a mess. The bottle packaging is also very sturdy. The only thing I wish would be that they would consider making the bottle a lil' more compact so that it is travel friendly. 

The product comes in 7 different colors; each catering for different skin care needs.

I decided to go with the 0-neutral, since I wanted a primer that will add some luminosity to my skin and more importantly will make my skin base stay on longer. Personally, I didn't feel the neutral tone did anything at all to my skin, if I were to compare it to some other primers that I have tried - i.e. Biotherm White D-Tox Makeup Base. That said, that didn't really bother me much since it wasn't a dealbreaker.

The formula has a liquid consistency and has a light fragrant to it. Typically I would use about half a pump for my entire face. I like how the consistency of the product is easy to work with and does not slip all over the place. Once applied, it absorbs in fairly fast into my skin, allowing me to go straight to applying foundation without having to wait for it to dry; something that I really appreciate since I'm always short of time in the morning while getting ready for work.

As for after application, the formula is light and non greasy. I do notice that it makes most of my foundation goes on easier and also makes them adhere better/longer on my skin. Even my undereye concealer looks alot smoother whenever I'm pairing it together with this primer. The product also claims to be able to minimize lines and pores, which I did not notice on application. Apart from foundation, I also use this together with BB cream and it works equally well.

Would I repurchase it? Yes, only if I can't find any other option that works equally/better. That said, I would still prefer a less expensive option.

Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer retails at RM 155 in Malaysia and can be found at Sephora Malaysia.



  1. Sounds amazing, I think I'll have to get it.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Dizzy, it's great to see you here! :)

  2. Hi there! :)

    I happened to randomly stumble upon your blog when I was looking for reviews on the Laura Mercier primer (thinking of buying it). Coincidentally I read another blog before yours (can't remember whose sorry) saying there was a batch failure for the primers that were shipped out! Here's a link I found which you might be interested in:

    Since you mentioned that you liked it, I thought you'd like to know. Maybe you could buy one at Sephora and test it out in store? But heck, those things ain't cheap so I think you're better off sticking with this MUFE one haha.

    Just trying to help a sister out. ;)


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