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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Products I Regret Buying

As much as I'm addicted to make up, I realized that I've never really bought anything out of sheer impulse, which usually leads to regrets. However, there were just a few times when my golden rule is broken and I ended up with things that I didn't really want at all in my collection.

Surprisingly, most of the products I regret buying comes from MAC. 

Clockwise from top left: ELF Stipple Brush, MAC Blot Powder, MAC Lipglass

1. ELF Stipple Brush
The ELF stipple brush is from the studio line and it retails at US$3 on the ELF website. I bought this product thinking that it would be as great as the powder brush which I totally adore, and also cos I just wanted to buy something during one of those stressed out time of mine. So far, I've tried using it for liquid foundation, blush as well as powder and I have to say that I really didn't enjoy the application of any of them using this brush mainly because the bristles is really scratchy and the application can be uneven at times. 

Given how its same series powder brush has performed all this while, I am pretty disappointed with this brush.

2. MAC Blot Powder

I must admit that I bought this product out of the sheer impulse. This is a translucent powder that is great for oil control. I know many actually enjoyed this particular powder due to its shine control ability but I didn't. I use this to set my foundation and for touch ups. I felt that it's a pretty good powder for setting foundation but for touch up(which is the main reason I bought it other than the impulse) it just didn't worked for me at all. The powder made my makeup look really cakey.

Considering its expensive price tag of US$23/SG$40, I would go for the normal blotting paper and my Maybelline Dream Matte powder/MAC MSF anytime over it.

3. MAC Lipglass

Another item I bought out of impulse. I got these 2 lipglass [Tad Saucy (lighter color) and Jest for Fun (darker color)] from the "A Tartan's Tale" 2010 holiday collection. I gave the others away as Christmas gifts and kept this two to try out.

Unfortunately, I am allergy to the formula and it made my lips swell. URGH! Then again, even if I'm not allergy to it, I didn't really enjoy it too due to its sticky texture. It can be a quite annoying feeling. I felt that the only upside of the lipglass is that the color is gorgeous.

Have u bought anything recently out of sheer impulse and regretted it?



  1. i also didnt like the elf stipple brush. i agree that it doesnt apply products well.

  2. Lucky I didn't buy the stippling. Wanted too but sold out online from a local seller. I did get their flat top buffer brush and loving it :)

  3. I'm glad I read this before I bought the stipple brush. Thanks!

  4. The Mac lip glosses look nice :D

  5. Haven't tried the brush or the powder but I am definitely not a fan of the lipglasses. While I don't have any kind of allergy to them, I hate how sticky and sometimes glittery they are. Definitely not my favourite MAC lip formula.

  6. I didn't even attempt to get that elf stipple brush cause it looked like crap from the promo pics imo.

    Blot powder I totally agree with you, I bought it and have no idea why cause I have dry skin lol.

  7. OMG! I'm sorry to hear you don't like these products especially MAC. =( Is it just the MAC lipglasses you're allergic to? or are there other brands too?

  8. sorry to hear that... i love almost every MAC products but yeah that doesnt mean they are all great. As for ELF, i dont know, i never tried any of their products.

  9. I hate MAC's blot powder too. Im about to make a post of products I regret buying too and Mac blotting powder is on my list.


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