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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Share the Love: Favorite Reads of the Week #3

It's been awhile now since I last shared about the favorite blogs that I've been reading.

Whilst the title of  such posts are "Favorite Reads of the Week", these are just compilation of blogs that I've been reading/ following for awhile, as well as some new discoveries.

1. Buy Now, Blog Later 

Image Credits to Buy Now Blog Later

If you have been in the blogging/ Youtube community long enough, I'm sure you would have come across Laura from "Buy Now, Blog Later". I discovered Laura through youtube (Lollipop26) back when she was still posting videos on makeup hauls and reviews. Now that she's no longer on youtube, she has since started a blog about shopping and other fun stuff such as fashion, makeup looks and etc. I find her style to be classy and appropriate for my age group and profession. Her reviews and form of writing in general are also very honest which I would say is quite rare for this now commercialized blogging community.

2. Let's MakeYuUp
Image Credits to Let's MakeYuUp

I have followed Yu's blog ever since I discovered the beauty blogging community (which frankly, had been quite some time ago). Her blog shares a good mixture of Asian and Western beauty products which I always appreciate since the former recommendations are always easier for me to get my hands on. I think she took a short hiatus from blogging for awhile, but I'm glad that her posts are slowly popping up in my subscription feed again!  

3. Viviana Does Makeup

Image Credits to Viviana Does Makeup

There is not much introduction needed to Anna's beauty blog. If you are looking for reviews/ swatches on the latest products in the beauty world, this is where you should go to. Not only that I truly enjoy reading her blog posts, I also really enjoy her youtube videos which not only shares about beauty related stuff, but also includes the fitness and snippets of her life (weekly vlog). If you have yet to watch any of her videos, you should definitely visit her youtube channel here

What are your favorite blog reads of late?


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