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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Review: Garnier Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll-On

In line with my aim to put up more reviews on swatches, I am here with my first review of the month on the Garnier Skin Naturals - Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll-On.

I have been using this product for over few months now and have always been wanting to share my thoughts here. The main thing which really sparked my interest on this product was the skin benefits which it claims to carry. Enriched with pure lemon essence and caffeine (both known ingredients to combat eye area problems), the product claims to be able to witness an improved eye contour area with below aspects:
Fairer, More radiant, More even-toned, Less dark circles, Less dark spots, Fresher, Smoother, Less tired, More hydrated, Tighten

My 2 cents on the claims?

After using it for a few months, I do agree about the hydrating properties and how it can make the eye contour area more radiant, fresher, less tired and more even-toned. However, with its rather sheer texture, this is not the kind of product I reach out for when I'm having really bad eye bags and dark circles (which is pretty often in my daily life). Though I do like its concept, I don't find myself reaching for it often enough as it doesn't provides the coverage I seek for and to some extent, doesn't do anything at all to my rather severe under eye conditions.

A quick swatch in the picture above, you can see that the product dispenses in a really sheer and uneven kinda way on the left side. If you look really closely, I also have the product blended into my skin on the right side. It did give a natural, brighter and more even-toned look. 

Things I like:
- Easy to blend
- Cooling effect once applied to skin
- Convenient
- Makes the eye area better hydrated
- Doesn't crease when blended in well

Things I don't like:
- Sheer coverage
- Product tends to dispense harder after using for some time
- Takes some time to dry
- Product dispense unevenly, u can't really control the amount each time

Overall, I do think that this is a really cool concept and nice to have product if you are open to trying new products. However, for those of you seeking for an under eye concealer with good coverage, you may want to think twice before getting the product.

Would I recommend this product?
Yes. But only to those with very mild dark circles.

If you are interested, the product can be purchased from all Watsons and Guardian outlets in Malaysia and Singapore. 

Have u tried this before?



  1. This sounds like a great concept, but I agree that the coverage doesn't look so great. I have really bad dark circles so I would probably have to layer concealer over this.

  2. Hi Rinny, yup, I totally agree on that, if you have bad dark circles, layering is the way to go..
    Btw, thanks for dropping by and commenting! :)

  3. I love this product,I have such bad dark circles especially when I sleep so late!
    I just add a little more and dab it and then set it with powder. I have normal to dry skin so maybe people with oily skin won't love it so much? I love your blog btw :-)



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