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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Most Recent: SK-II Pitera Essence Set

My most recent acquisition.

I have been hearing so many raves over the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, and being a beauty junkie, I just couldn't let myself pass the deal when I saw this Pitera Essence Set at Sephora.

The set retails at SG$99. With that you get a bottle of Facial Treatment Essence (75ml), Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (sample size) and one Facial Treatment Mask. The reason I thought it is a good deal was cause a normal bottle of  75ml Facial Treatment Essence retails at SG$99. But with this, I get additional 2 products, albeit being the small sample size.

I'm pretty excited to try out the facial treatment essence as it is dubbed by many as the 'Miracle Water'.

Have you tried any SK-II Products?



  1. I haven't tried any SK-II products but have read pretty good things about them. Let us know what you think! :]

  2. whuuut they sell SKII at Sephora?! I've tried their famous Facial essence and I was totally unimpressed by it :\ I got the mini bottle from Sasa (which is pretty reputable right?) and I don't know if it was a fake or my face just didn't take to it but it was like....nothing. I might as well have been putting water on my face. I hope you have better luck with it....

  3. I've never tried SKII products but would love to read your review on them! =D

  4. wow really, miracle water? very tempted to try it out now! let us know how it goes ^^

    love from the NaNa girls x

  5. Will definitely do a review here once I've tried it for a few months.. :)

  6. Yup..they sell it her in Sephora Singapore.. I'm crossing my fingers that it will work well...thanks for dropping by!

  7. Will definitely do so, thanks for dropping by Amanda! :)


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