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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Share The Love: Favorite Reads of the Week #1

I decided that it's probably high time that I'd do a "share the love" type of post and share some of my favorite reads of the week.

1. Zoella
Zoe is probably one of the most popular beauty blogger/youtube guru/vlogger in the social media scene. She is gorgeous, fun, and spontaneous and I enjoy reading not only her beauty posts, but her lifestyle posts as well. One of my recent favorites is her post on the Zoeva Makeup Brushes and to be pretty honest, I NEED the brushes in my life after reading her post.

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2. I Covet Thee
This is a very recent favorite of mine. I stumbled across Alix on Youtube first rather than via her blog. She does beauty reviews, weekly vlogs, get ready with me (my absolute obsession) and etc. type of videos on her channel and her beauty blog is packed with amazing pictures on products and daily life pictures. My favorite post this week is her Birthday Trip to London, which draws out the wunderlust/explorer in me and brought back so much reminiscence of my vacation to London few years back.

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3. Will Work for Makeup
Tifanny has been one of my all time favorite beauty bloggers since I started exploring the beauty scene few years back. I love all of her product swatches and take on different products and must say that she does pretty awesome pictures and review of products.

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What are your favorite beauty reads for the week?



  1. Lovely article, and Zoella is such a personality! x

    1. Thanks for dropping by! Yes, indeed... I love watching her videos on youtube... :)


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