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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Favorite Spring/Summer 2012 Blushes

Hello beautiful people! Just thought I would drop by and show u some of my favorite blushes at the moment. Though we don't have different seasons in Singapore and Malaysia, the fashion trends here are pretty much the same as with other countries. Therefore, I always like to match my blushes according to my outfits. As I mentioned many times before, I am a major blush hoarder..I have no idea why, but the vibrant and beautiful colors just attract me so much...

Without further ado, let me introduce you to my new best friends:

NARS Sex Appeal - This is my Holy Grail blush for work! I love it so much that I have a back up for it.. =)

NARS Deep Throat - On a closer inspection, you may find small specks of glitter in the blush but somehow I love this whenever I'm grabbing for a more 'matte' finish pink blush

ELF Twinkle Pink - This is really pigmented! ELF studio line has some of the best affordable blushes that I have ever tried. If you are on a budget, do check out their line of blushes.

NYX Pinched - Another Holy Grail for work. I hate over blushing and looking like a clown for office as I work in a more conservative and professional environment. As a matter of fact, overdone makeup is a big NO in the office, and hence, the only thing that I switch up more often is my blush color.

MAC Bite of An Apple - This has always been my favorite MAC blush. It is from the Disney Venemous Villains collection and as I have yet to find a dupe for it, I'm sort of on a 'saving it' kinda mode. I love the glow that it gives my face and now, I am absolutely loving it for weekends.

From L to R: NARS Sex Appeal, NARS Deep Throat, ELF Twinkle Pink, NYX Pinched, MAC Bite of An Apple

What are your favorite blushes for this Summer?



  1. ooo. love all those colors. I have been loving Tarte peaceful and Thebalm sexy mama!

    COME SAY HI-GIVEAWAY-TheSouthernBeautyNerd

  2. oooo bite of an apple looks great!

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    Confessions Of A City Girl

  3. Pretty!!! I'm avoiding makeup these days because I've been out in the sun because of ultimate frisbee tournaments and beach trips! More of sunblock and moisturizer for me these days. :P

    Hey, I have a $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway on my blog if you're interested. No catch, I promise! :)


  4. I have "Bite of an apple" blush and I also in the "saving mode" too. LOL

  5. These are all beautiful shades :)
    I still love my Make Up Store - Oh So Fresh blush, but I´m on the look out for a pale pink with glitter for summer:):)


  6. I actualyl wanted to get sex appeal at some point - thank you for the swatch - it's such a gorgeous nudey pink!


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